How is Lennox even a melee character?


OK sure, she has the ground pound leap smash thing, but thats it. The “melee weapon” is literally shooting a projectile coming out of her fist.


Well, it’s not a projectile.
A projectile loses contact with the original body.

Hyde’s flamethrower is also not a projectile.
Both are extensions.


It’s a “whip”

Totally get what your saying… But if she had to get in goliaths crotch to do damage then she’ll only be fun for the female players

And that’s not the majority on PS4 I’m sure


It must be done. Fear me, for I am the jimmie rustler

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Oh you arent sneaky. You said “dont rustle my jimmies with statements like that”


The Goliath statement got me a little excited, TBH.

Man candy thread, here I come…


It’s more like a lance. Plasma lance.


Idk seems just like projectile to me.


because she has a melee weapon?

is this just a troll post or do you not know what melee is?

I am guessing you are not familiar… a sword is a melee weapon. a light saber is a melee weapon.

hopefully this will help you to understand.


…No she has a projectile, THAT FUCKING SHOOTS OUT OF HER HAND. Don’t insult my intellect.


Well she does that “fisting” procedure when she hits with her “melee” that gives you the impression it’s melee…but the guy is right. It’s more like a short range attack that is shot through her fist when she punches. If you want an energy melee weapon, look up a lightsaber or a protoss zealot’s energy fistblade psything weapon. What granny has is more like an energy flash that is shot out of her…gauntlet. So it’s an energy flash if you wish, it doesn’t look like a projectile. And it’s as melee as Hyde’s flamethrower.

They may call it melee, but it’s definitely not a knife or a sword. Even if it’s a short range attack.

I guess through melee weapon we understand something with a physical consistent manifestation. Old lady doesn’t really have one. Still good in my books tho :slight_smile:

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It’s a whip :smiley:


It’s more like a whip than a melee attack.

Basically Lennox is a dominatrix.

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Yeah, it doesn’t shoot out like a bullet, it more so fires up as she melees and then retracts from powering down after the punch is finished.

… okay then 0.o



It’s a welder.

Welders don’t shoot.

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