How is it possible the game got worse since the BETA?


How is it possible the game got worse since the BETA?

XBOX ONE experience so far

-Takes forever to find a game then when you do the game freezes or glitches out or you get booted.
-Graphical shadow glitches on alot of maps makes it look terrible and hard to know whats going on.
-Progress gets deleted and you have to start back from LVL 1.
-sound cuts out at times.
-some matches say your playing a nest or rescue game but then load you into a hunt match.

I am sure a patch will show up about a month from now when everyone has moved on to something else or they will release all the fixes in a DLC and call it the ULTIMATE FIX DLC PACK and charge us 7.99$ for it.


I leveled up to 15 on the X1 yesterday. Other than a shadow glitch I didn’t have any of the same issues.

Sounds to me like a server/account issue more than the game itself (other than graphical issues). Might be better to file a complaint with 2K since Evolve uses their servers.


The PS4 version seems to have some similar issues as well. I am sure some of the problems are server issues but during the BETA I had almost zero issues finding matches or running into glitches. Its just kinda sad spending 60$ on this and it leaving such a sour taste in my mouth after one day.


There you go, it’s only the first day and millions of people are playing. I am really sorry that you’re not having fun but don’t give up yet.


on Xbox one you only were ever going to keep charecter unlocks not your level. But i agree what the heck is the mouse glitch still doing in the game. The beta and alpha was ment to allow you to fix it TRS. When will it be fix


99.9% sure that it is a matter of volume here - the beta was a great stress test, but the number of people playing now is colossal. People are working hard to get the servers up and running at optimal status. I’d expect the worst of it to be ironed out pretty quickly in the near future.


I have not had issues on Xbox One, but I do have friends that have told me they are having matchmaking issues. I wouldn’t worry too much as this is pretty common in the first few days of a game’s launch.


i havent heard or seen of any issues on ps4 yet. but there are 400 new threads so…back to reading.


Played for 11 hours yesterday (I’m a bit ashamed of myself as I’m not the youngling I once was, but damn it was fun :grin: ) on X1 and it’s been behaving quite well – I’d suggest you do a hard reset on your console, see if that stabilizes it at all.


Here is one on the ps4 bugs


Heh. Youngling.


could be his area or region or connection. theres another one like that and hes not in a good area i think. not sure maybe he should reinstall the game and see if that works. i played for 16 hours straight since launch time all on stream (strains the system more) and i never lagged out.