How i'd 'Balance' wraith. (Not screaming OP)


Please let any and all comments be logical to balancing tactics with actual feedback for me and the TRS crew.

To be honest, Wraith for the most part is fine. I’ve played a lot of games. (i think) But i can’t find myself playing the game for too long due to frustration in dealing with monsters. With Wraith in particular, i think there is only 2 real things that need to be changed on her.

  1. Amped Dmg while in ‘SuperNova’.
    Now, this may seem…‘unfair’ to some players. But i think that the Wraith should take a slight amount of increased DMG in Supernova. She gains way too much for how little she sacrifices during Supernova for her to be considered an ‘Assassin’. Assassin architects are suppose to be high risk high reward. However i see no downside to using Supernova…None. Some may say that “Well she can only supernova in a certain limited area so you just have to get out of range” Well As some of you may agree, wraith is probably the most annoying monster to try and trap due to her great mobility (Which is perfectly fine) So her having an ability which does not really have too long of a CD, that can actually force the hunters to run away from her…Well look at it like this, her using this ability made you run. Now she just runs in the opposite direction of you and boom. She’s gone again. However, giving the Hunter a slight increase may make them think “Hey, is this a good area? do we risk it? Can we out DMG her?” Just a little bit more, so here is my proposal.

Rank 1 Supernova.
Wraith would take a 0.3 increase in DMG while supernova is active.
Rank 2 Supernova.
Wraith would take a 0.5 increase in DMG while supernova is active.
Rank 3 Supernova.
Wraith would take a 0.7 increase in DMG while supernova is active.

This Effect does not Stack with Marks (Val/Laz Weak point as well as the DMG Amplifier) So if you shoot a Val weak point it only would do 2.0 not say 2.3 at rank 1.

This would not only solve the problem for Stage 1 level 3 Supernova kills, But also make her more like an Assassin, as well as give the hunters more leeway when fighting in her Supernova.

Now on to my second ability of interest…‘Decoy’

Now, Decoy to me is a very very cleaver move on Turtle-rocks Design for Wraith, I LOVE IT. However there are 2 things that i do not agree with.

1.The Decoy Should be Kill-able if you’re going to let it blow up things like Arc-Mines. But it would gain a larger “Hit count” per level of Decoy so something like. (For this Change i would remove the Clone Flickering when shot.)

Rank 1 Decoy.
After 15 Hits(Bullets/Mines/Wildlife AutoAttack) from any source the Decoy Fades.
Rank 2 Decoy.
After 20 hits(Bullets//Mines/Wildlife AutoAttack) from any source the Decoy Fades.
Rank 3 Decoy.
After 30 hits(Bullets/Mines/Wildlife AutoAttack) from any source the Decoy Fades.

Keep in mind the word ‘Hits’ Does not means points of DMG.
This will allow her to Keep the ability to destroy things such as Arc-Mines, as well as give the hunters a chance to protect them(Arc-Mines).

Now on to my second issue with ‘Decoy’

2.The SuperNova/Clone Combination

This, Again was an amazing idea and i love the thought that went behind this. However, i do not agree with the clones supernova actually doing DMG. What i mean by this is that you should allow the Clone to have supernova to create a ‘Miss Direction’ For the hunters. However i do not agree with it doing DMG (The clones Auto Attacks doing DMG is fine)
Decoy is suppose to be a ‘Gimmick’ Ability from my understanding, it’s supposed to be there to confuse and disrupt, not to be there as a DPS Tool. So let it create the Illusion that 2 wraiths are attacking you. But don’t let it do DMG. Or if you’re going to let it do DMG don’t let it be full. Maybe like i dunno. Half?

Edit: The Hit counter could also be a way to balance this.

This is my input for how i would ‘Balance’ Wraith, i hope if this does not help, it at least give you ideas for actually ‘Balancing’ Her and not just outright nerfing her. I love this game and i want to try and save it.-TypeWriter


All seems fair, but I think Wraith is giving up enough activating supernova as it is. She actually shows herself to pound you, while your assault pounds her. I have seen a Cabot and Hyde get rid of all her armour and half her health because she decided to run head on with supernova.

Decoy does need a nerf… yes, but I think it dissipating off of damage is better. What if I was bucket or Cabot, with low ammo capacity high damage guns? Perhaps use a combination of both, like a damage threshold and bullet threshold.


A good point, with the ‘Low ammo High Damage’ I think maybe a combination of both to suite all character would be a very good idea. Both a Hit counter and a DMG counter.

If the Wraith has the DMG amplifier on her, the increased DMG from going into supernova would not go through. The problem with Balancing a VS game like this is you cannot see who your opponent is. Imagine you did not pick Hyde or Cabot for example. fighting the wraith becomes extremely hard. This is what Counters are. This is what Balance is. If a certain group of characters has an easier time against certain monsters then so be it. That’s the risk of a ‘Blind pick’ Game.


why do you people always want to rebalance every thing about something…

you take 50% of the abilitys and do almost an complete redesign, opening up so many other flawed possibilitys that you will be in an endless circle. stick to the current design, make small adjustments and get to a point where it feels good. this will not help anyone.

problem on wraith is SOLELY the ability to just run 55 meters in less time than the dome needs to trap. thats the only thing in need of a change. everything else will play out.
those suggestions just make her even more bad at engaging on a relay fight because you can just kill decoy and proceed to have a free damage amp on her.


Honestly the only gripe I have with Wraith is her ability to get out a dome put on top of her head. That is very frustrating, even when I plan out a stealth dome with my support to help.

Also, the duration of how long her decoy lasts is kind of annoying, not too bad, but I know when you get three stars on it, it lasts quite a bit too long for my liking.