How i think evolve was made


Guys let make a great game a new IP with alot of potential 4v1 mulitplayer hasnt been done but then lets fuq it up by

1.making matches 1-7mins to get a game with your friends

  1. ohhhhh u played 50 hours well that sucks to suck because say bye bye to your progress

  2. Wraith op? Naw lets nerf decoy but buff abduction and warp blast

  3. wanna elite skin? go cheat 4 it becuz its to danm hard

Honestly this is all fair critiscism i mean guys come on the beta was 10x better than the full game in the way it didnt bend u over after u just spent 60$-100$



Sounds like your main problem is Xbone. Should have joined the master race!


I just… All your posts are just… Why?! :laughing:


Dear god… you never stop.


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Also, @DownLikeSyndrome, it was a joke brosky, lol. I apologize if it sounded too angry, I’ll edit. I meant to put a laughing face after it, lol. I will admit, some of your posts annoy me, but this was kid of funny. Gg DLS. :laughing:


Im annoyed about everything in this game especially the fact that they’re going to yet again, nerf everything. I also paid $65 dollars for a game that was supposed to be balanced at release so I wouldn’t expect any dissappointing nerfs I mean COME ON man they had an alpha and a beta and they STILL couldn’t balance this game before release? Ridiculous. And as for the players I found more people to play with in the alpha and the beta and now not only am I getting frequently disconnected from games, but they also take at least 5 minutes to find one and even when it does it puts me with people that are at completely different ranks? So ridiculous. I have framerate drops that are so bad that I have to quit the game and start it up again just to make it work. This is literally the LAST preorder Im doing nothing new too see here just another company that advertises a broken game with pride smh :expressionless:


preach it preach fam^


There are server issues on a recently released major multiplayer game?! That’s never happened before!

God forbid there is a slightly overpowered monster! 1st world problems man, they’re horrible!

Devs are working on it, it’s not like they’re trying to make you hate the game.


They aren’t? Hmmm, well with the huge framerate drops, barely any players online, frequent disconnections,and crashing. I’d beg to differ.


Are you running on console or PC?
Server issues come with any major multiplayer release, we just have to hope they’ll be ironed out quickly. Bugs follow the same path.


I hate to break it to you but… every game has an alpha and a beta.


Do you really not expect further balancing when a game is released to the community?

It isn’t really feasible for the devs, on their own, to balance a game as well as they can after seeing what their player base does with it.

I do not have much in the way of issues like that aside the cursor bug, which can be fixed quickly, on my PC version.


And yet there are game breaking bugs still like complete progress wipeout and crashing? It’s completely unnacceptable.


You can’t find all those things until it’s released to the public. The progress erase is on 2k


And why is that? Why could they have not found something as big as that?


Maybe because the longest they tested the progression was for what? 4 or 5 days. Maybe it was a bad code in the 3 gb update that didn’t work right, who knows. Wraith a bit over powered? They said


Yeah thats how >you< think Evolve was made. And only you…
You are special, and you need a special helmet, because you are so special.


-I’m fairly confident they didn’t develop the game with an intention of having players lose progress.

-Abduction is an underwhelming ability. Decoy is the crux of the problem with the Wraith. If they slightly buff abduction and warp blast, as long as they hit decoy fairly hard, it won’t counter balance the change. A decoy change could potentially cripple the Wraith.

-Cheesing the elite skins is whatever. I don’t get why that’s a big deal. They are hard to legitimately do, but not impossible.

Those are fair criticisms (despite me disagreeing with most of them), but that’s different than “how Evolve was made,” which was the topic of your post.


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