How i spent my 420... send help


hope you all had as much fun as me on this. are holy meme day! :stuck_out_tongue: :green_heart: :cabot: :green_heart:


Nice. And if we cut out the obvious hackers, you’re No. 1 Global Cabot! Nice!

Now if only I didn’t spend all my time pubbing and screwing around so I could have a nice win loss ratio. ;-;


Grats on the games played as Cabot.


Major props :slight_smile:


thanks lol! and yeah pubs are brutal on the win loss v.v


thanks its been a lot of fun playing Cabot! :smiley:


Nice that these cheaters don’t get deleted, what’s up with that? How can they stay for MONTHS??


You need 10000000000000000 more wins

Seriously congrats though


Lol I’m on it!

I was actually thinking at one point of retiring with cabot. But I love crushing monsters with the amp so much I can’t do it… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, nothing more satisfying than sitting there, not even aiming, and seeing the Monster melt. No effort, no stress, just let all the frustration out while listening to Bob Marley. :slight_smile: