How I got free Evolve posters today


Even if we poor, poor Austrians are still lacking snow, the christmas spirit is already there, filling the streets and stores. It is this magical environment in which our christmas fairy tale takes place…

I wanted to buy a new Controller for my PS4 today and decided to go my nearest shopping mall. As you can imagine this is a busy place where lots and lots of cheerful people are looking for just the perfect present for their loved ones. Making my way through the hordes of shoppers I suddenly stop.
A sudden feeling of nostalgia strikes me and time stops for a moment. I don’t see the endless ocean of shoppers rushing past me, I dont hear the aweful christmas song on the radio. All I sense is myself. Myself from the past. I can see young Babingor cleary as he walks along this very floor I am standing on right now. He wears a warm scarf, because it is winter (a real one. With actual snow…fuck him! Why does he deserve this /: ), february to be precise. Young me has a look of hope and anticipation on his face as me makes his way towards the Sony section of the store. This younger version of me will buy his PS4 and also the reason he wants this console: a game called Evolve. Suddenly the bubble of nostalgia pops and I find myself back in crowded realty. All that is left from this short journey to the past is a smile on my face. Yes, this is the place where I bought Evolve back then. How could I have forgotten? I wondered if the old Evolve posters and cut-outs where still there. Almost a year had passed, so I was surprised to find out they actually were.

I swallow tears of joy as my lips form the silent words “I have to have these…”.
Quickly a approach the nearest emloyee ready to bargain like I have never bargained before. He is a man in his early 30s, but the christmas stress makes him look twice as old. After he is done explaining to middle aged woman, that he can’t help finding “bläck obbs for her nephews Nintendo” he turns to me. To my surprise he not only tells me that I can have those sweet sweet posters for free, but will also help me to get them off the wall. “Wow, what a nice gesture, I bet he has tons of other things to do right now” I think to myself as he and I start to carefully rip off the tape. Afraid to destroy these preciose pieces I work really slowly. “Faster! Faster! Faster!” he suddely errupts. Did he just … ? No, I think he is just in a rush and wants to get over with this as soon as possible. As I am done I notice a huge piece of tape that remained on the wall, I aks him: "Can we leave this on the wall or shall we … " He interrupts me: “NO, I can not just leave this on or it will fry your adrenale gland!” Something moisery is going on, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. “Thank you for the posters”, I say sceptically, “I’m a big fan and this really makes my day”. He doesn’t say a word but just stares at me. He takes a step closer and I can smell the lack of his deoderant. His beardy face just centimeters away from mine he whispers “BOOM! Speed boost!”, then backflips away into the dense crowd where the hordes of the christmas shoppers soon swallow his body like a dark, unforgiving sea of buying power.

Well, it maybe did not go down like this exactly…But what is true is that I got these posters for free, which makes me super happy. Just wanted to share that with you! :smile:
Have a nice weekend everbody!


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous, now I want some evolve posters. :smile:

That sounds like an awesome experience. It’s nice to hear people getting into the Christmas spirit so I hope you enjoy the posters. :wink:


Very cool. :smiley:


Maybe you met Moiser in real life ? O.o


@moiser You have to see this.


♪ Caira man, Caira man,
Does whatever a Caira can ♪

♪ Healing burst, any size,
Napalms monsters, no surprise ♪

♪ Look out!
Here comes the Caira man! ♪

♪ Can he heal?
Listen close,
He will give you an overdose. ♪

♪ Can he boost adrenaline?
It’s his special space medicine. ♪

♪ Hey there,
There goes the Caira man! ♪

♪ In the wild of shear,
In the middle of a fight!
With his special gear,
He’s the hunter’s healing knight! ♪

♪ Caira man, Caira man,
Friendly neighborhood Caira man!
Mammoth birds,
Dealing with Shear’s politics. ♪

♪ To him healing’s a great big speed burst,
If you need to be nursed,
You’ll find the Caira man! ♪


I’m sitting in my room right now singing this over and over again. :smiley:


Wow, lucky. I also want free Evolve posters! :smile:


It is weird to think that it is Summer for you guys right now. I am so glad it isn’t Summer here right now.



Plot twist, Babingor is Arnie. :open_mouth:


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