How Hunt ruleset needs to be tweaked in order to have a succesful eSports title


This is my first post here so, hello!

Do not read this or reply if you have reading comprehension issues, please. I’m not suggesting a) changing the main game anyway or b) talking about casual experience at all

I have played different games competitively for ten years now, and after reading a lot of the discussion about Evolves competitive side, I have to point out there are a large number of issues that need fixing until the game has any real potential for being an eSports title.

First of all, I haven’t actually ever played the game, so my point of view is lacking and I’m happy to hear if I’m wrong in certain areas!

The biggest issue is obviously the gamemode. 4v1 is very complicated from competitive point of view, as the team needs to include 4 players anyway. I played Shootmania, the interesting arena fps from Nadeo that was released about a year ago and was highly competitive in Elite gamemode. The gamemode was basically 3v1 with focus on solo player being offensive and mobile. Every map was played for 6 rounds, so both teams had 3 attacking and defending rounds. If the score was tied they kept on playing both sides until one team won. Single round lasted ONE MINUTE with first 45 seconds time for offender to kill defenders, and then 15 seconds to capture a flag (which took 2 seconds). This worked surprisingly well, and personally I enjoyed having a solo play aspect, but it had a few big problems.

Having a one player in solo situation introduces a huge load of pressure on a single person. This might not be an issue with very experienced players, but for amateur teams this ended up with teams breaking up over and over again because of fighting inside the team. “If YOU had played better THAT ROUND we would have won, fuck you!” etc. One thing that reduced this was the fact every map included a solo play from all the players, and they would switch sides every minute. The round time limit also kept everyone warmed up even when having to spectate every second round.

In Evolve, we end up with issues because there is too much weight over the outcome of the match on one players shoulders. The maybe even 30 minutes long wait until playing again will also destroy the focus of other players giving the opposing team a huge advantage for the next map. This is simply an impossible situation for competitive scene.

What do I suggest then?

Checkpoint every 7 and half minutes and teams switch sides. Teams will need to pick another monster player for every “round” giving the game an interesting metagame in when to pick their best monster player, and having a specialised players for different situations. Obviously teams continue from where they left off last round on the same side.

John is best finishing off the hurt hunters and Harry is best coming up from a almost surely lost match. First player got almot killed in first round but managed to live until checkpoint? Send Harry to play next round and try get back into the game! Teams could study other teams and abuse weaknesses of certain monster players and trying to force a “better pick” for the next round, in order to having them play weaker player for the finishing line.

This would take reduce the time players have to sit and wait for next time they play, and make the game more interesting in round based match.

That’s my 2 cents as a competitive player interested in Evolve, but with a very objective point of view.


That would destroy a big part of the gameplay for me personaly idk for anybody else.

And league was the first free and easiest game in the moba games and got lucky to be that ‘big’. But that will die sooner or later hopefully.


Would you mind actually reasoning your point and maybe suggesting something else as a solution then?

And no, LoL will not die very soon.


Maybe i read that part wrong but if you are ingame and you have to switch players it is harder for the second person to get into it and lose of gameplay for the first person because his mind was in the game and has to stop.

And i said hopefully it will die soon , horrible comunitty :slight_smile:


There is simply no way to ever have this game competitively relevant if 3 players have to specate for half an hour before playing again. And I said, teams would swap after every checkpoint so they would play Hunter side before changing the monster player.


honestly left 4 dead wasn’t suitable to play as serious esports. The biggest thing was that you almost had to retain a gentlemans agreement to not use the dozen exploits in that game, not to mention vanilla vs where 4 pro survivors could completely erase any disadvantages from special infected whatsoever with too much OP guns and the silly “one shot one kill” thing going on, shooting boomers and hunters trough walls, bunny hopping tanks, glitching spawn rosters (by leaving boomer at the end of a map, quitting and rejoining)… all that stuff made l4d versus intolerable. and everyone was being an asshole about it.

It helped if you would play rotoblin or confogl but still there were lots of shitty exploits that you could use. (jump on skyboxes as hunter… really? that one did defeat the fairplay mechanics needed for l4d to be a serious esports title.

I feel that the mobility in evolve makes it a bit more even for both humans and the monsters, more organic leveldesign, more gameplay opportunities to express yourself like sneak, ranged attacks for the monster etc…

With asymetrical games you’re always going to have this problem where you can’t really compare one team to the other. All you can do is having gameplay elements that forgives a few mistakes but not every mistake.


That’s the thing what I thought but was too lazy to write it up.


I disagree. If you think of most sports, including esports, there are alternates who sometimes sit around an entire match and never play. Furthermore, the other 3 team mates have the chance to help the monster and coach him. Truly it just gives them what some say is a much needed break.


Yeah, L4D has a huge load of issues that were never addressed by Valve but overall the game was really solid when played against people who did play by the gentlemen agreement. Valve just broke the community be releasing L4D2 which I personally disliked very much.

However, I wasn’t really making a point about Left 4 Dead, but the 4v1 gamemode and the issues it brings.


And a team = 5 players so 4 players have to sit and watch ? :smile:

But in moba’s its kinda the same thing, who gets the better side = has an advantange.

I think easy coin toss to choose who begins as the monster is good enough and then Bo5.


You state there are alterinates but fail to state any of those. There is literally zero. From playing FPS games competitively, I know a more than 10 minutes break can shift you off your focus and destroy your “zone”. If we had checkpoints, those 10minute’ish round would be perfect for the “much needed break”. Also, there is literally nothing more annoying than people talking in VoIP when you’re playing solo.


You could argue that this game can’t be competitively relevant without it being F2P.

they also have only announced 1 game mode


If the game is good enough, people will play it. Evolve will never even compete with MOBA titles, but could fill a niche of co-op oriented competitive title.


I think he means a team of four wi one of them doubling as hunter and monster, so then there’s three people not playing when the team is playing monster


Oh i see but they said that they would like 5 man teams and i personally think a 5 man team is way better then 4 players and one person playing 2 roles.
With 5 people evry person can focus on 1 class and get better with those hunters/monsters.


I mean every player plays monster and hunter, and team picks the monster player depending on the game situation and who is best at playing defensive, playing agressive or finishing the game.


So four players in a team, and they mix up the monster player to match the opponent?


What if there was just a ten minute warm-up period between matches. People would probably want a little break between matches anyway.


Yes. And both teams could play Hunter side with only 10 minute breaks or so.


There would still be issues of: having too much weight of the outcome on singe players shoulders and people still having to wait for up to 30 minutes in spectate mode.