How has Daisy changed since launch?


Hey, does Daisy still know where the monster is even if the monster does perfect stealth? I prefer to take my time but sadly Daisy always made me rush and make mistakes, I could never adapt to Daisy. By the way, that’s the name of Maggie’s dog thing right? I havn’t played for like 6 months but I might want to try and get back in to the game and rather than checking the notes from every released patch, I wonder if someone can just summerise please.


For how much i can safely tell you without being wrong, i know that in this period, daisy spots the monster if it is mimetizing/camping in a bush instead of running around randomly.


Daisy still follows sneaking footprints. You can kind of juke her by making a large amount of footprints then dashing in another direct when she’s within smell distance or so.

Additionally you can wade through water to throw her off temporarily but overall she will continue to chase the Monster despite their best efforts.

@MaddCow is the one who made the “Juking Daisy” tutorials.


How did Daisy change? She got a flamethrower.


Get it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All of the AI Hunters can see you when you’re in the bushes.


She explodes less now, but I don’t like It.


I don’t think Daisy has changed at all since launch. Wasteland Daisy did get a flamethrower and less health, though.

If you don’t like how quick she is, you could ignore her or play as someone else.


This would only work if you went from non-sneak to sneak.

Every footprint leaves a value that slowly decreases. When you sneak your foot prints have a low number, when you don’t they have a high value. Daisy takes the most direct path to the footprint with the highest value. You can juke her by walking one way, sneaking then choosing a different direction. When your last loud track hits 0, Daisy will start honing in on your sneak tracks.