How hard/easy is Behemoth to use now compared to the other monsters?


From easiest to hardest:

  1. Kraken
  2. Wraith
  3. Goliath

Where does the new Behemoth fit in at the moment?


fucking hard.
i win with every monster almost every time. As Behemoth… 2-10 so far.


Behemoth is one of the easiest monsters. You have lots of HP/Armor to begin with, get a nice chunk of HP on staging up more so you can do a couple of errors more.

Behemoth is one of the better beginner monsters.


Hes pretty rough to come to grips with, I can no longer skirt around a dome like other monsters, and keeping up with people is sooo difficult, but hes still fun, may lose a lot more than I win, but im gettin there


He’s up there with GOliath, highest dps, armour, health, and when he rolls, is the fastest monster.


I have only lost with him a handful of times, but I am a monster player…


I say hes the hardest monster to use at the moment because he is so easy to kill. It doesn’t matter if he has the most health and armor if he is such a giant and slow target with almost his entire body being a crit spot.


How do you beat crow? You can not move at all and you will not do enough damage on stage 1 to down a hunter in one wall.
Crow +Sunny/Cabot are insanely strong.

Oh and apart from the obvious bugs. wall not spawning on open field and stuff. Makes him so annoying to play.


behemoth is pretty advanced and is more like a specialist with lots of hp and stuff, he hits hard but is slow, his abilities takes a lot of time to launch, you need to think differently with him but once you managed to like miss 10% of all your abilities and mange to do what you need to do when in a pinch he is very powerfull


i find crow easy to deal with if i manage to pin him down, and i prefer to use 2 fissure 1 tongue at the start


but you can not chase him because you are slow as fuck… and even worse when there is sunny. Goliath no problem.


because his stamina runs out even faster now, i would either put him tied with goliath or below goliath soo in other words

3.goliath/behemoth or
4.wraith’s decoy
5.behemoth :grin:


i know that feeling bro, but most time if there is a sunny she s gonna launch crow right in your face and dome you that s when you turn around and pin him down as fast as possible and make him run so he can t do and not be in line of sight with sunny or the medic


His roll speed is no longer slowed by the full effect anymore, this makes crow/abe much easier to deal with now. Since the 2.0.1 patch for PC i have had no issues winning consistently with behemoth. Unlike the rest of the monsters you have to think of your self as a Tank, No not the guy who lives forever Im talking about a real life Tank. You only pull the trigger on your skills when you know its safe (bait out Torvald mortars then fire while their on CD/ Hank orbital counts as well) dealing with crow means get good with tongue grab its your main skill for keeping hunters on the lock down, missing a tongue grab is a huge disadvantage for behemoth against a good team, and that’s usually where things start going downhill. You have to play him much more tactically than the other monsters if you want to have a decent win rate. To be honest i don’t really feel as if behemoth needed to be toned up as much as he was, but the community will get what it wants if they cry enough.


yeah he s like a battleship


He’s pretty hard if the hunters are good in CC/dodging. Your tongue is your best friend, but that doesnt solve your issues that you can take a whole lot damage in a matter of seconds.
And when you’re somewhere stuck on a minirock in front of you, or somewhat tiny wildlife while you get shot, then you know that behemoth isnt for beginners or easy to use.

High health/lots of armor doesnt help as behemoth isnt very mobile and is easy to shoot- or better- hard to miss. I’d rank him on one step harder as a goliath because he cant dodge the damage in a dome so good as you’d could with the goliath, especially if you get caught in a not so favourable spot and behemoth has a lot of unfavourable spots on many maps.


thanks… guess he is just not my style. I do not hit with tongue 100%, it´s like abduct, only works close range for me lol.


Shhh, you’ll make people jealous.


I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who says Behemoth is easy to play hasn’t played against a decently coordinated team. He’s so easy to keep tracking of, dome, and kill. I’ve lost to Behemoth exactly once while being a hunter and we had an idle trapper the entire game and a bucket that did nothing.


guess you haven t met me on my best winning streaks