How good is Slim without Hank or Sunny?


And lets imagine you are a good Slim-player.
Does Slim have any chance with Bucket, Cabot or Kala in team?
I really like Slim but if the support doesnt have sunny or hank im pretty scared the monster can overrun me.


Survival is very high with Kala.


Slim is in my opinion surprisingly good viable against Goliath, Behemoth and perhaps even Gorgon in his current state.
He still needs a defensive Support to really be effective, though. Also keep in mind that Slim never has been a particularly solid pick against Kraken or Wraith; his kit is very easy to counter for mobile Monsters.

This is currently still the case. I consider myself a good Slim player but there’s simply to secret way of playing him that magically makes him great against every Monster - Kraken and Wraith have it easier against Slim than the other Monsters do.

His Spore Clouds will be changed in an upcoming patch.

This is false. His Heal Burst regenerates per pellet, not per damage.


Of course he has a chance . With Cabot’s damage amp you’ll be doing a lot more damage . With Kala you’ll be doing permanent damage and you can get away with the teleporters. With bucket you can overwhelm him with spores and sentry’s and make the monster back off.
I’d say you’d be least likely to win with bucket on your team over the others but that doesn’t mean you’ll just lose.


When im looking to change things up a bit with 3 friends we run this super glass cannon team which consists of Slim/laz, Cabot, Wasteland Maggie, and Parnell/Torvald. its surprsingly a good comp, the whole goal its to kill the monster faster then he can kill you, and if the mopnster gets to S3 it just becomes an all out brawl, its quite fun.


My mistake.


These are my preferred comps just feels more fun to play and watching bars melt with cabot is soooooooooo damn satisfying


Bucket/Slim is actually a decent duo as long as you’re not against Kraken/Meteor Goliath.

If your bucket can properly cloak you if you tend to get focused, you can shred wraith/goliath/behemoth/gorgon for that attempted focus. Obviously, this is assuming the team has good coordination. Probably easier to just use hank.


against kraken is really difficult to have a chance. i use two dodges soon enough for the aftershock or thunderstrike but its still not enough to dodge these abilites. and suddenly my jetpack is empty.
krakens dmg is so high at his distance thats almost impossible to survive as slim.

yesterday i had a very close match in arena against a kraken-player. i had hank to protect me and kraken focused me the whole time. i had jetpack recharge perk as always as medic and dodged as much as i could and shot him him as accurate as i could. kraken won first match and hunters won the other two matches.
at least we won but normally i have better chances against other monsters to dodge their attacks and it wasnt really fun for me at all to win against that kraken.
the mines go rdy a way too fast and the thunder as a bigger radius than the bubble on the screen.


I hardly go Slim but now i’ve gotten him Elite after 1 year lol (yeah spore gun challenge pissed me off) i’ve played him a lot the last few days and i was amazed at how good he is especially against Kraken,spore gun is a life saver at confusing the monster.

I just used him this minute in ranked with a Bucket and it worked very well against a silver Kraken so yeah it’s viable but then again the map was broken hill mine,maybe a more open map you need Hank or Sunny.


I don’t think Slim is particularly good with a Sunny either. Hank’s controllable shielding let’s Slim just stand still and heal up. The shield drone can be taken out easy and though Slim is an insect, fleaing isn’t his thing (bah dum tss). Slim needs to shoot the monster and Hank let’s him do that reliably.
I’m not saying Slim+Sunny is a bad comp, it’s still really good but Hank is leagues better with Slim imo.
As far as Slim goes in an offensive comp, I don’t like it. Slim still needs shields to live imo. Which is fine: Val is in the same boat.
The only medics that can run offensive reliably are Laz and Rogue Val imo. Caira and Emet can work if the monster isn’t MLG try hard Kraken.


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