How good do you think you are?


Do you think you would ever be good enough for competitive play?

Share stories of triumph etc


Nope! Not without a lot of practice and training. :smiley:


I think i will be! only thing is i donth have a team… only one frequent player online that i play with :stuck_out_tongue:


I goof around too much
Me: Guys look, its Jim!
Friend: Dude stop
Me: Look Jims giving me a hug!
eaten by Tyrant
Friend: Fo fucks sake, YOU’RE THE MEDIC


I feel like I’m a top-tier trapper. Pretty good medic. But give me another role and I’ll do okay or mess up a lot.

But until ranked comes in and I find a team, I’m going to play behemoth bowling and HoTS


I do very well in pub games. In fact so much that I always believe I’m ready for competitive. Then I play against tournament players and I get rekt.


I suck. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im top tier Goliath, even though my leaderboard ranking no longer shows it, I can wipe the floor with competitive teams, but far as I know, there is no love towards PS or solo monster players, only towards team, unless your a youtuber


I think I’m pretty good I find myself as any of the roles carrying my crappy public team to victory…

Most often Support for that.

Hunt will be 22 minutes in, Assault, Medic and Trapper all have 2 strikes I have none, VICTORY IS ONLY 10 MORE RESPAWNS AWAY.

I have some experience playing with a high level team but on my own I feel good at the game always do well with every Hunter.
Not sure I’d have the confidence to play in a tournament or something due to anxiety problems but skill wise would like to think I’m up there.

Someone who was top 7 Markov for PS4 said I was an excellent Caira anyway :sunglasses:


I won a tournament so I would think I’m a decent player.


I can play every roll pretty well, but I excel as medic. It’s what my team wants me to play all the time as well so I’m not to cocky in my ability to be a great medic.


I feel like I’m above avarage, but definitely not competitive play.

But some guy told me I was the best support he played with since release, so things like that are always nice to hear :smiley:


beat a hunter team with a tier one Goliath with no armor try and touch my swag :goliath_roar:


Judging by the DGL games and the scrims against Epex Black, I feel like I’m reasonably good. I think I’m good enough to play competitively and I look forward to reaching the highest levels of play.

Want to play ESL when my hunter team decides to come together or I find another high level team to join, whichever comes first. I play Monster, mostly Kraken.


The only role I’m not so good at is Assault but I rarely have a good team, kind of hard to function as an Assault with a brain dead Medic >.> I usually find myself forced to be Medic just so the team actually lives.


Let me answer you with what happened to me:

We, hunters, landed about thirty seconds ago. No indication where the monster could be so we just roam in random direction.
I use a jetpack dodge to jump from a cliff. Completely horrified I find out that I am going to land right in the middle of a Blitz Leopard pack. Right next to an Armadon. And I have no fuel to correct my path of flight.
I land and I am imediatelly stunned by a Blitz attack while being kicked by the Armadon. I am downed in about 2 seconds.
I am still under attack from everythin around so my team has no chance to come in time to save me. I am dead in another 2 seconds.
I never played Slim since :smiley:

So yeah, I think I am good enough for competitive game :smiley:


Are you on PC?


I’m not always the best hunter as I’m a monster player but I like to think that I’m a good player. I have had plenty of “W’s” against premades that were very knowledgeable and highly competitive but no matter what pub stomping even competent players is a whole other world from actual “competitive” play. Until I’m actually doing it though idk how I’d fair. I would certainly be interested in doing it and see what comes of it.


For this game? Easily. I don’t see the point though because the tournament level at the moment is a joke.


Nah xbox one