How good are battlefly tournament players


Bouta enter a tourney on Xbox 1 I main monster. I can usually beat silver players with some degree of difficulty as wrath. How good are people in the community tourney compared to online?


I would’ve thought they’d be in Gold divisions in hunt so yea


Well… Depends. I played in Battlefy a while back and got to the semifinals… (I threw the game… My bad!)
I’m in Silver 2. With a coordinated team, the matches I played were kinda balanced. :stuck_out_tongue:


The community tournament every other week?
I guess the skill level is average. Some bronze, some silver, some gold. Some aren’t even level 40 yet.
It’s really a mixed group.

Too many competitive pro players per team are not allowed, so you won’t find the highest level players in that tournament.

I’d definitely give it a shot. The community tournament is really the best place to try out your skill in a tournament environment.


I played in the one last week on a Free Agent team (Tom & The Meat Beaters). We got to the Semi’s with the #10 BOB as our Monster and in our first match won both of our Hunter matches against a pre-made team.

We lost in the Semi’s but had some real close ending matches with a real good player on Monster (I know he’s a Gold Hunter so his Monster is pretty good).

#TL;DR Honestly, It Depends


Hurray for Tom & the meat beaters.

I think they should make one just for free agents. The premade teams definitely practice together. They may not be ESL but they certainly are close.


Actually you are allowed up to 2 “competitive” players per team so there are probably a bunch of old ESL players in the mix. Technically I am one of those players. I couldn’t play Assault (my main) but I still had a bunch of fun!

A free agent tournament would be fun though!


I’m manichotdog. We had a good time. But no practice before makes a difference. Know your team and you have a better chance no?

I want to do it again.


Anyone is welcome in ANY of the tournaments.
Treat them as a way to meet like-minded people. :slightly_smiling:
The skill levels vary.


watching battlefys- The skill level is all over the place. From down right ugly trash tier pub play (Sorry! Just being brutally honest ;-; ) to competitive worthy coordination.

Anyone and everyone can enter. Some do it because they want the particualr skin- Some just do it because they want to goof around. Some enter as full on pre made teams. Others join as free agents and get mixed/matched with anyone (which is USUALLY where youll see the worst coordination, which is 100% to be expected).

So, ya. Just depends.


Additional benefit… You get Casted… By myself or @SuperBadJuJu :wink:


What’s the free agent team? Is this something where anybody can sign up and a team gets created if enough sign up for it?


But only on PC, right? Do u know someone who uploaded some battlefy footage from PS4 matches?


I am only PC, @SuperBadJuJu is all 3 consoles :wink: He’s sexy like that. Best to check his youtube


Basically, Yes!

When you sign up, you go in as a free agent. When the Check Ins are over, they take the Free Agents that showed up (or some that didn’t apparently :anger:) and then put them into teams.

It’s a way for the people who can’t get their pre-made/don’t have a pre-made to be able to play!


Thx man. Oh yeah, superbadjuju has to watch out for the police: Sorry Sir, you are arrested because of SEXY!


BattleFy recently updated there check-in system. This issue has been resolved. Only Present people will be put on a team… There was a random chance for 1-2 to slip through…


Thats great! Definitely will sign-up next time then for PC. Any idea how long the tournament could last? Like a couple of hours or so?


What console, and which tournament?


I’m blind apparently.
PC is usually 12pm EST to 4pm EST.
Last one was until 3:00pm EST.

Quickshot aims for <4 hours. Last QS for PC was <4 hours.