How frequently will dlc maps be in rotation?


I was just wondering because I really want to play these maps in public matches and I don’t want it to be like call of duty where I buy the map pack and never play on the dlc maps unless I manually choose to. So will the 2 new maps be priorotized or is it an even chance for all of them?


The maps are free so think of them as normal maps, they will be most likely just as prevalent as the other maps.


Well yeah I know the maps are free I just want to know if I want to play it often, would I have to play custom matches a lot with it, or is the chance of it being played in public a high percentage


I don’t think they will give new maps higher priority in occurrence, but instead the same likelihood as current maps.

Basically the randomizer will be the same, which means you will get to play the maps often but your better off playing custom if you want to play them back to back multiple times.