How fast can Cabot shoot?


It feels like one I was just in a game with was shooting me at rapid speed…


With reload perk it’s pretty constant. Like maybe 1 shot per second. Maybe slightly longer.


Depends on if he gets the right reload buffs.


Tha’ts cray cray


Cabot can shoot one railgun every .7 seconds with the reload perk.


Isn’t there an elite wildlife perk that double it?


50% reload speed, but it doesn’t stack with your character perk.

With the buff, you can fire every .5 seconds after launch.


You could’ve also met hacker, yes Cabot’s railgun shoots like AK then.


Yeah, I just started up a game and the first perk I found was reload speed.
I had the pre-game buff too but as you said they don’t seem to stack.


Capacity could really stack for those double taps on krakens head :smiley:


I don’t think there’s ever +100% capacity and partial rounds always round down.


yeah unfortunately they dont


You can shoot every second or less, with the reload speed perk, and the albino reload buff.

I want his railgun in machinegun form.