How far will evolve go?

I know the developers said that they will continue on making new content as long as there is community demand for it. But I know that at least for myself, if there new stuff for evolve to buy, I’m getting it. However, I’d like for a developer to answer this question. Would things like T7 be even possible? Or is there a certain point where you just can’t add any new characters, and if so where is that point? I know they said evolve is a permanent franchise for them, but will they keep adding on to the base game or will they just drop it at some point and start on Evolve2

There is no “certain point” where they just can’t add anymore. As long as they keep developing ideas they can model them, texture them, make them, and add them. There is literally nothing stopping them from continuing. Also, don’t mention Evolve 2 please. Thats something that shouldn’t exist… ever.

If Evolve 2 were to exist then it would be in a decade because we do not need a sequel for at least 10 years because there is no point to it. Again that’s IF its made because this game never needs a sequel.

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They have said in the past that the game will continue to be developed as long as it is profitable and there is demand for what they are making. Basically until they find another game or some other option that makes more economic sense.

I wouldn’t want a sequel but maybe another game with similarities?

Like I want the horror game version where the hunters are trying to survive the monsters and can construct tools and supplies and structures and try to survive for as long as possible

An semi open world where your the monster and that’s all I’ve got so far

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I honestly think that 24 monsters is a ridiculous number. There has to be a limit. I don’t want there to be a limit, but there has to be. I’m assuming that T8 would probably be it tbh. If not T8 then T10.

if not T10 then T1000000

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Why would 24 be ridiculous, does options scare you


Noooooooo pleaseeeeee. I can’t answer that question. Too many options. Can’t handle itttttttt.

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Last Year is exactly that.

I will continue to purchase new hunters/monsters as long as they produce them.


I agree with @Rapterror though. I want 15+ tiers as much as anybody, I’d buy all of them. But imagine the tedious stress of having to balance even 10 different monsters, and then at tier 10 we’d have 40 hunters. Forty!!! That’s crazy balancing.

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6 Tiers and a Movie.


Lol. XD
I would watch that movie. If it’s as good as The Hankening.

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Hopefully long enough to keep me happy :blush:

Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson.

Not just a movie but a whole freaking series, each one focusing on a tier set of hunters. It will have no narrative relevance what so ever but there will be heavy shipping and ‘plots’ services.

Paul W. S. Anderson or M. Night Shyamalan maybe Micheal Bay perhaps?

Jump cut to the kickstarter where the stretch goals goes up to T1,000,000.

Haha, but really, I don’t know. I enjoy the game, but I can’t help but have a pessimistic outlook at the moment. It just doesn’t have the player base on any one console that other successful multiplayer games seem to have. There’s also so much mainstream vitriol towards it, that I can’t see it being more than a niche thing unless they can make a comeback or rebrand the game.

Six honestly sounds a tad low… Eight. Eight is a good number.


I’m saddened by how few people are getting the reference.

Maybe too young to drink beers at a movie?

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What? Yes, there is plenty from stopping them adding to the game. 2K, ya know, owning the game being the big one. If they don’t see additional DLC as fiscally viable down the road, they won’t renew a contract with TRS to create more content (which honestly seems likely after T5…maybe we’ll get a T6/T7? I’d hope.)

At that point, TRS would either prepare for a Evolve 2 if 2k decided that project should happen, or a different project with 2K or another publisher.