How Exactly Does the Matchmaking Work?


I have these preferences:

1 - support
2 - medic
3 - trapper
4 - monster
5 - assault

I search for a game and get matched with 2 other people. We wait in the 1st lobby and then get sent to character select. I am the monster. My 4th choice. Out of 3 people. Which begs the question in the title.

EDIT: 1 person was support and the other was assault, my last choice. Why did it skip 2 other choices and go straight to monster?

About the Monster

MM will try to get a human controlled monster in before it sets it to AI.
Its likely that the other 2 had monster set to 5, you had it at 4, so you were the better pick.


I usually do that so if I do get monster while playing hunters I’m less likely to go against a fully organized team. Does that actually work or should I always set it to 5?


Pretty much what Quirkly said, a lot of people have it set to 5. It’s really up to you what you want to do because the game will always have to pick somebody to play the monster role


Hmm. If you want to play hunter and only hunter, i’d set it to 5, otherwise you’ll always be seen as the best monster pick, unless someone has it set to 3, 2, or 1 (duh)


Then again a team would probably have all their options set to 5, so it actually makes it the most likely.


Yep, premades automatically have monster set to 5, so you’ll always get manster against them.


Idk, I might leave it at 4 then, I need practice for my bad monster.


simple answer: it gathers random people. then starts.


I think it messes up when you someone else gets the same first choice as you, wins the decision so after that if assault was your second choice, but someone else’s first choice you don’t get your second choice, then medic is someone’s second choice but your third. It goes on like this.


Here is leaked picture of Evolve’s device responsible for matchmaking.


It’s probably an interesting algorythm. What’s left of Quirkly’s analysis is what happens when everybody hast monster as 5th choice. Does it choose the best ranking monster? Is it the level? Is it random? Does it take into consideration who was last chosen for monster?

I get to play Assault (my second choice to monster) almost in every first game I get. I know they are games that are in progress and I’m probably being put into slots that were emptied recently.

Edit: The potato pic is funny, but I don’t think it’s fair, or intelligent to criticize something because we don’t understand how it works. The matchmaking system is about making choices, those choices are prioritizing things above others following what the devs want the game to do.
We can infer that devs seem to prefer that people start playing right away even if it’s not their priority role or even side. People would complain if the matchmaking process was even longer. And yeah, there’s probably ways to fine-tune this, but I don’t think it’s fair to just write it off like it’s a random or poorly thought thing, just because you don’t agree with devs’ choices.
Making choices is hard, and choosing something over something else implies losing the alternative. What we need is to understand.


Its round robin if no one wants monster, unless someone leaves, in which case it will try to find a #1 monster priority


Thus why I’m so under the impression that matches always exist - For me.


I’m always so confused when people don’t get their #1 preference, then I remember that not a lot of people are as big of a monster nut as me ^.-
One of the bonuses of bein a manster


Aww, you don’t like Assault? I guess more for me. ^.^


what i like to do when it puts me in as a role i dont want i just let myself be killed, it’s a loss anyway if you leave so ill also make it a loss for the rest of the team

you can thank trs


Can’t get perfect records of wins and losses with random groupings, son. ^^

You’ll still be the only one who loses every time.


I getcha there. Still, I also seem to have the unusual luck in which I detect no discomfort about the various roles from the people I play against. They happily switch up roles as needed, seemingly in every game.


Its nice seeing role swappers, removes the post-game “Dude you suck at your role” saltiness I hear sometimes, makes me feel bad for outplaying them all so bad >~>