How exactly does sunnys' drone work?


I understand the charge up and most recently damaged hunter gets shielded, but what determines how it runs out. Is it like hanks where it has to be hit to deplete or is it timed? Either way its a rather large pool of shield


From what I’ve experienced I think it needs to be destroyed itself. I was pounced one time and the monster kept pounding me with the shield drone on my for like 1 1/2 minutes.not sure if it was intentional but that’s what happened


When you place it down you’ll see that its world icon is “empty” and it starts to fill up. Once it’s full, it starts shielding. As it shields damage, the icon will start to empty.


i always thought it had a relatively low amount of shield energy, at least compared to hank’s . i could be wrong though, im mostly going by what i heard from people and from my few moments of battling against sunny