How exactly does Lennox operate the Thunderchild?


I think the natural assumption is that she’s standing up, using her legs to operate the legs, and her arms out as if into sleeves … but she also complains about being cramped inside the suit. The thing is much larger than any of the hunters, and it would certainly require a whole lot of reflexes and co ordination of movement, especially for an elderly lady who has spent her entire life as a scientist.

I wonder if perhaps she’s using a control mechanism, like joysticks or screen interfaces. To me it seems more likely that someone like her would be more adept at controlling a computer than using her own limbs and body to run, jump, and shoot. Perhaps she’s sitting in there more like one would in the cockpit of a vehicle actually seated, and using levers, pedals, buttons and what have you. Makes it a bit more like a video game for her, rather than an extension of her own body. A little bit more feasible. Granted, nothing about this game is realistic, but I personally think it would be pretty neat if she were more of a pilot than a warrior :slight_smile:


Its called magic, dummie… :slight_smile:


What is a magic dummie!


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Perhaps @Matthew would know?


Lennox is an architect.


she says, "wow, this is great cardio!"
so I’m assuming she moves in it


I know no better way to ask him than posting here :smiley:


Unless she is saying it sarcasticly but I havent hear the quote so I wouldnt know the tone of her voice.


She does mean the cardio comment for sure, but it’s not enough to convince me


Who knows?

Personally I think she’s all nice and cozy inside it, and using like a controller to operate it…xD


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We imagined she’s curled up in a kind of ball, with her legs tucked under her. We actually did a mockup of what she would look like inside the suit, she’s stuffed in there, but if we assume she’s only a little shorter than average she fits. That’s what she means when she tells Griffin she’s stuff in there like a size nine foot in a size three boot.

I had forgotten that when I wrote the cardio line. :smiley:


So we can accurately say that she’s just kerstuffled in there? I’m satisfied with that. :3


Poor Granny. Does she control everything with joysticks or does she have to move her legs and arms to move around?


I assume it’s all buttons and joysticks, but I suspect Lennox also build the technology necessary to interpret her body language in the suit to natural movements outside the suit. The suit acts like a prosthetic.


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its entirely reasonable for it to be a suit and not a “mech” (basically what i infer from joysticks and such)

In order to counteract the weight and size of it, it can contain a base exoskeleton which enhances movement, strength and speed, then add in controls based on hand/finger movement within the gloves.

basically, its completely possible for it to be a suit/exoskeleton rather than “curled up in a ball”. Yes, she would still be cramped, but it would function as a suit with realistic means (even with today’s technology in exoskeletons)


I KNEW IT thanks Matt!


That’s neat and stuff but would it be practical for an old lady to use that over a mech? :wink: