How exactly does Kraken Fly?


Kraken is my go-to monster when I want to have an easy match, so I had plenty of time to look at the details of his anatomy. So I started wondering: what exactly gives him the ability to go airborne? I noticed that he has little nostrils on his two biggest tentacles (the ones that he spreads while flying), which seem to work like little thrusts, keeping Kraken above the ground. I also noticed the electric “aura” effect around his body that seems to work like wings of sorts. Given that the atmosphere of Shear must have similar composition and density as the Earth’s atmosphere (otherwise hunters would wear helmets), what do you guys think is the mechanism behind Kraken’s ability to fly?

P.S. I realize that this is a video game and not everything in it must be scientifically accurate, but I still think it’s a good opportunity for those who know physics better than me to show off their knowledge :slight_smile:

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Reasons and Kraken things.


kraken = lightning = electrons = repulsive forces

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He’s a fairly OddParent.


Isn’t it obvious? He rides the lightning.


He likes to party!

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Heard it has to do with some kind of dark energy or something which is responsible for the burns where he flies

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From Caira’s research notes…
The creature known as the ‘Kraken’ uses its command of electrical energy to generate and surround itself with a negative magnetic field. The negative magnetic field is repulsed by Shear’s own magnetic field, causing the Kraken to effectively lift up and fly. Slight changes in the field allow the Kraken to maneuver and change its altitude. It is my theory that this same principle might be integrated into Markov’s battle suit, allowing him the same ability of flight. So far Markov has refused any cooperation in field-testing this theory. He claims a fear of heights… says the man who jumps out of a dropship every day…

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[Non-Canon] Unofficial Hunter Stories

Wow, where did you find this?


I just made it up, I enjoy writing from time to time :blush:


Goddamit… Although it is a very believable and organically integrated piece, I have to say :smile:


The sad truth is that you have just written more story for this game than the game itself actually has


So, essentially a mass effect field? Is that why Bucket says something about copyright infringement? Asari Huntress confirmed?

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The story isn’t spoon fed to you, it comes together through character dialogue, and the canon readily available here on the forums. It’s there, just up to you to piece it together.


The reason the Kraken flies involves the Kraken’s energy and stamina. It is possible for the Kraken to use the planets gravity or electricity in the air to fly, but from my conclusion he creates his own flight. Somewhat like a flying electric generator. Turning energy and food into stamina that allows him to create “drafts” of flight that allow easy traveling in air. It can be like running. We as humans eat food —> turns into ATP (energy) --> then we use it to move. In the Krakens case he eats humans/wildlife --> turns into energy (or maybe ATP) --> then use it to move to a new location.

Either way the Kraken must use an “energy source” no matter what to fly.

Just remember this is only my theory and only a theory. Anyway my only “real” credit is my name :smile:

FYI: Kraken is my fav and he is a LIGHTENING GOD!##


Haha I guess it is ;P. After Bucketfall we might as well get an Asari Huntress… right after the new trapper… heard he goes by the name of ‘Geralt’ :smirk:

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Space magic.

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Biological Repulsor technology. The electro magnetic field produced by his wings probably provides propulsion and stability. Thats just my theory but if TRS says he flies through the power of screams and terror thats how it is


Science ! Beautifull Science !