How exactly does Hunt 2.0 work?

…because it’s absolutely suckz in my Opinion!

Why do i constantly gettin Gold Tier Monsters when my Team is just Silver Expert or lower ???
Why do I get 100+ Ranking Points at the End of the Game and my friend who is exactly the same Rank only gets like 5-10 ?
Why do i lose 200+ Points while fighting a Gold Monster ?

The whole system makes absolutely no sense…

Here you go!

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I played a ton of games when I first got Evolve. I was placed in Bronze. A friend got the game, didn’t even really know what he was doing yet. I had him run as assault and I basically carried him to silver through placement.

After he was placed, one of the games we won he got 12 points and I got something like 3.

Since I hardly get any points for beating anyone, even silver monsters, it will probably take me about 20-30 wins with no losses to get out of bronze. Since I have solo queued about 80% of my 200+ matches it seems unlikely that I will climb out unless I restrict myself to only premades and rattle off a metric fuckton of wins in a row.

If you love making fun of ranking system look at the number 1 guy