How exactly do you win at Evac?


Hey fellas,

I just played Evac. Won the first four rounds as Monster, then slightly fucked up during the first generator and ofc lost cause loldamageboost. I mean, do I have to win all five games then? Because afterall it stands at 4-1, so I’d say I won, but apparently not. I just wanted to get the achievement, I don’t really like defend in either team lol. Thanks!


I believe it’s winning on the final day that gives you the all over victory, and the achievement

But it has been ages since I got that achievement


Personally I consider it a “best out of 5 thing” like you were saying. But I think officially it’s whoever wins defend (cause technically the other four rounds are just buying time for the eventual “evac”). Depending on who wins defend, the colonists either all die or get away, which is the winning or losing factor, story-wise


Well, remember that if you win all 4 days, autobalance makes sure you can’t win on the last day because you were “too good”, but you can still win. When autobalance favors the hunters, pick Behemoth with lava bomb, rock wall and fissure( not tongue grab, the objective is not killing the hunters) and attack the turrets from afar or go near them and put a rock wall so you can destroy them without the hunters attacking and repeat this.


OR just pick Kraken and attack stuff from afar, I think that’s more easy, but Behemoth is a lot more fun


Ignore the hunters. Don’t down them they respawn every minute with no strikes.

I actually prefer Goliath for this mode.

Feed perk is good because you can get armor fast or damage bonus.

With feed perk I get armor FAST and go in with the first minions. Damage bonus go in with second minions. CD is another good perk.

When you go in try to blow up mines if there is Markov. Distract Torvald or Hyde.

Be scared of Cabot.

Anyways, jump into fight Rock Throw down turret. Attack generator Rock Throw doen other turret. Run get armor.

If you’ve won 4th day then your minions can pretty well do the rest.

Keep pushing in with minions.

Nice if you can win the footrace to 2nd gen and kill the turrets first.



3 RT 3LS 1FB 2Charge


Personally been rocking 100% win ratio regardless of autobalance with wraith defend ever since her patch. Three warp three abduct three decoy, speed perk. Blast and abduct gens and dome dodge to the best of your ability. She’s slippery enough if you don’t mess up badly you should leave the hunters essentially helpless. No one ever brings harpoon trappers to defend which would actually counter this strat. Rarely take more then minor health damage before third and always plenty of time on the clock.

Defence is the only thing that matters for ultimate victory or defeat to the game.


Yeah, all you have to do is win the last round and you’re considered the winner.


1st time I played defend on evac as the monster (Goliath ftw :monster:).

I killed all the hunters starting with their lazarus, then destroyed 1st and 2nd generator within 3 minutes, minions finished off the last one cus the hunters tried to finish me off (health was below 25%)

Just a tip :wink:


I go for the nuke the hunters approach, even though they respawn constantly the minute where they aren’t there are free reign for you and the minions, as long as you get armor between then you should be able to renuke when they get off the dropship, preserving your health, and giving the minions all the time in the world to destroy the generator.


If you want the achievement you have to win the last round and you can do it in solo because defend against players doesn’t go very well.


Defend is easy as kraken ive never lost evac defend as monster


Only rounds that matter are 4th and 5th.
Never vote rescue
Nest incredibly hunter sided
Majority of monster bonuses are very strong
While a few of the hunter bonuses are absolutely crippling

thats all you need to know about evac.


Winning evacuation imo comes down to two things:

  1. The points you’ve built up by the end of round 4.
  2. Winning round 5.

As a monster player I consider the hunters winners if they have more points than me, regardless of whether I destroy the ship. Since it means over 4 matches they bested me. If they then win round 5 I’m impressed.

For me to consider a campaign a good one I’d have to use all the monsters and win round 5 without using Kraken.