How Evolve is right now

So I played a bunch of matches now on the new hunt 2.0 patch and there is so much to complain about…
First let me start with telling you about my group.
We are by far all confident players have at least 600h+ (I know that doesnt say shit about skill)
But we are rly good. Back before the patch we were all rly good about dodging and using the jetpack. Im not saying we are the best but it was almost impossible to catch us. Nowdays with the new patch its impossible to be that slippery anymore thats 1 of the main reasons why i won so many rounds as the monster. As a hunter i got catched and killed by the monster because i wasnt used to the new jetpack. Until yesterday.
So let me tell you about yesterday.
I playd like 30 matches as monster got up to silver elite (every match got me +1)
And at some point i started playing against good ppl (gold destroyer) top of the leaderboard ppl. I was happy about that cuz that would finally give me a chance to improve, right?
I am not saying i am the best monster player in the world but these guys just kicked my ass. It was so hard to get them and they were soooo good at dodging ability that they made me look like a noob. Then i startet to realize what they did and tried to transfer that to my group and here are the results. Before patch it rly requierd some skill to dodge the monsters atacks and be careful about your jetpack now you just pick for example caira hank combo (thats what they had) and pick the movement speed perk. And here is what you do. Whenever the monster is targeting you… just run … run like a retard. Just run around stuff. Run downhill. Run uphill. Dont even use jetpack (only for the little kick out). This basicly requiers no skill in my opinion.
You can outrun the monster like that. We did it multipile times now and tbh… thats not fun at all.
So we reached the point where we gonna quit.
And for all the guys who do not agree with me… you have luck. There is a section below where you can leave comments.

If that’s working for you, I’d say you have luck. Hunters that just run without a plan instead of actively dodging are going to be dead hunters, far as I’m concerned.

Well it works. You activly dodge just by running around stuff.
Im not saying run around without a plan cuz thats for sure gonna get your team killed. But as i said i had that 1 fight against the gold ppl and whenever i targetet hank he started running like a freaking retard + caira healing him. So i switchted to caira and she started running like a freaking retard + healing herself + hank shielding her. They just outran AS lvl 3 while they been in the center when i casted it.
Outran LS as well & almost never boosted.
Btw i also asked some team captiains from the pro tournements team and they confirmed thats this is how you do it now. Do your job and whenever you get targetet run around stuff with the 25%movement speed perk

This sounds idiotic…

Not saying the OP is dumb but this run away tactic sounds dumb. No way would this work on my Wraith…

Then again I fought a Hank Caira and I couldn’t kill anyone but down Assault (accidentally and without knowing) but my issues was that they dodged everything with little effort.

Pissed me off because I’m constantly wondering why they always had enough fuel to jetpack out of crap. Maybe they were using this…

Son of a bitch…

Yeah hank caira combo is annoying as fuck. I havnt tried wraith yet but rly hard as kraken against confident team when they have caira and hank. But im telling you I play Hunter & Monster and movement speed is the best perk now for hunters(not for all of them ofc such as assualts or supports)

Well they also had Jack and Jack completely counters Wraith with abused unfairness.

He cancels EVERYTHING the Wraith does and her Traversals being glitched out right now does not help at all.

Now that I think about it…

They might have been doing that run away thing and Jack would just hold me up and they’d get their distance their heal and their shields up and ready.

God damn it… I hate Jack now.

I think I actually prefer Maggie over Jack as the opposing Trapper now… at Least Daisy didn’t cover a massive area and deal a large amount of damage to you and she was easy to juke at times.

Jack’s Satellite is like an even worse version of Gobi with a CC that just stops the Monster fully instead of slowing it down.

Freaking ridiculous. This new Monster better be OP material when it comes out so I can get some sweet revenge.

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Yep and even if they didnt had the perk imagine these guys 25% faster…

Running to dodge as much as possible has been the way to do it as hunter since before the patch imo. Kraken forced good hunters to not use jetpack, so breaking Los and generally dishing around on foot was the way you kept alive and enough jetpack to dodge aftershock!

Caira and Hank with movement speed perk? That means a huge lack of heals and shields bro. Yeah, that team is going to lose. What made you think they used such a dumb perk on Caira or Hank? They probly was just running around normally and not wasting their jetpack unnecessary.

I just won 4/4 matches as Wraith.I’m Silver Expert and i was against Silvers and maybe Bronze destroyers.

After that i heard people talking in the mics of how they dislike the game right now.No fun etc etc.(Keep in mind that i’m a terrible monster and i could win them VERY easily, without even loosing my armor)

Evolve will always have this problem.Either the game will be balanced towards competitive(which they are trying to do right now) or for casual play.

I smash randoms in pub too when they are about silver skilled& bronze destroyer. Stage 1 right out of the dropship… nothing special

Totaly agree with you in that point

I’d like the option to play ranked or casual. Sometimes I want to play hunt, but don’t want the pressure of knowing I might fuck up my placement if I get unlucky. Sometimes, I’m just looking for a quick casual game, and at the moment I’ve only got arena or evacuation for that, and nobody plays evac anymore anyway.