How every monster should be


A lot of people comlain about x,y,z being OP and all, but I think there is a simple solution to make the game fun and to be played as intended.

The idea behind Evolve is to have one big a… monster trying to kill 4 hunters with complementary skills.

The problem now is that when you play as a hunter and lose, it’s rarely fun. Most of the time it means you have been running for fifteen minutes and were stuck fighting a stage 3 monster. Why does that happen? Because monsters depend too much on their abilities.

The hunters should depend on abilities since they are complementary. But the monsters should not.

If the monsters were made stronger from the start and their abilities weaker but faster to cooldown, the game would be way different.

Monster should be like “come at me I will wreck you” right from the start and try to gain an extra advantage by evolving.

So, the monsters should have a lot more armor and health from the start and it should be full. evolving should only be used to strenghten abilities and replenish armor and health a little. So monsters should rely more on melee.

That way you would get super long Epic fights. Even when losing you would have fought for ten minutes to take this thing down, since the monster’s attacks are weaker but its health and armor pools bigger.

Or something along these lines…


Or you just catch it before it’s stage 3.


The hunters’ advantage is stage 1, trap it, kill it quickly. Stage 2 can go either way.

Stage 3 is where the real fun is, with a very good team you should win. Otherwise, that’s the monsters’ advantage.


My problem is not that I don’t win, is that most battles tend to be boring. I am trying to figure out a way for monsters to be in your face. I love stage 3 battles, I want more of them, but without the fifteen minutes of running. I know hunters should hunt, but right now we are running after a scared monster. Give me a beast to fight right off the bat.

I still think monster should have full health and armor at the start, and evolving would allow them to gain abilities.


So you want the evolution handed to you in the beginning? The game is about cat and mouse. A cunning monster makes my life hell.
I love the feeling of urgency knowing that I have to catch him soon or there won’t be a later.


Play defend.


Same thing would be happening, the monsters would try to evade to get abilities, but if they happened to get caught fast, they still have the upper hand. I want monsters to be really powerful and hard to take down, but not because they have three points in some powerful abilities.


Abilities are what add variety among Monster and drama to fighting them.

Furthermore, their weakness at Stage 1 forms the core of the Hunt dynamic - this is a game about Combat and Hunting, not a deathmatch.

I could see an Arena game mode where the Hunters are pitted against an armored Stage 2 Monster in an eternal dome to appeal to players who would rather skip the hunting.


I like the idea of an arena mode. I guess I like the fights too much. When you get a really epic fight, all you want is more. When the whole team has to com together perfectly in order to win, that is what
I like. Sadly, this is maybe one in ten games.