How does your rank get determined? (RESOLVED)

So I’ve been playing as the monster recently in competitive and I haven’t been ranked yet but the match making has paired me up with silver ranks. I’m just curious as to why it varies.

P.S I have about 100 hours into the game but just recently decided to start playing “competitive”

Hunter rank- Bronze Elite

Well I noticed it started me at Bronze Hunters and then I kept getting harder teams. Eventually I had a Gold/Silver Mix beat me so it put me against another Silver Team.

I ended up Silver Master with a 9-1 record. However some people did not have the same experience.

I wonder if you just rank up and down really fast when you aren’t ranked yet and it bases it on W/L ratio.

Well the Determining Rank seems to start low and if you keep winning then they keep giving you higher ranked opponents. This way it can establish a baseline.

When you actually find your Rank it tries to put you against similar ranked opponents. If you beat a Silver team you get more points then beating a Bronze Team. If you lose, you lose many more points. After about 20 matches it should stabilize and you only notice huge point swings if you beat/lose to an opponent of vastly different skill.

They use one of these:

Here you go!

Thanks a bunch!

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