How does wildlife spawning work?


Had a couple games that went down to the wire and at the 3 and 2 minute mark there is basically zero food. Isn’t the time constraint already in favour of the Hunters? Why add the second constraint of zero food?

I mean a few minutes before I ran through an area that had plenty of food, then when I go back and I need it there is nothing alive there. What happened to them? Why do the living animals die and disappear? It makes no sense.




I’m not sure how respawning works, though I remember something about it not spawning if players are near, and I know 4 meats don’t respawn, but as for your example the hunters might have shot the wildlife and no new wildlife had respawned yet


I’ve played a few games a few months ago where our team decided to kill the food so the monster couldn’t evolve to stage 3. We won a few times that way. It was pretty clever, as it forced a monster that ONLY ran the entire game to engage. That could be what’s happening - hunters are killing wildlife. They’re not just disappearing.


I killed the same megamouth twice in one game once.


I think sometimes it can take a little time for certain wildlife to spawn in? Not sure honestly, I do remember pointing out in one game that there was no Tyrant in the water just near relay, we checked all the way down the river and nothing
And then a few mins later when we passed by, hellooooooo Tyrant jaws

I’m pretty sure a reaver, mammoth bird and even a sloth have spawned infront/ontop/behind me sometimes.


I had an Armadon spawn on top of me and attack me while I was sneak juking. Most retarded thing.


Armadons are the bane of a sneaking monster. Had one follow me from one comer of the weather control map, the armadon that spawns near the sloth, all the way down to the beach area, continually head butting me preventing me from feeding and took 2 bars of my health by itself because it wouldn’t leave me alone. I killed the hunters at stage 1 but still, the hell Is your problem armadon?


“You.” - Armadon, probably.


Monster hating bastards. Armadons are the true monsters of shear, apparently.


Played an offline game to test and the spawning is definitely not the same. There is still wildlife spawns at the end of games. Could there be a lag issue causing a lack of wildlife spawns?


I’ll blame that on Lazarus.


What;s the map with all the bridges and an Armadon beneath a huge platform with grating? Weather Control maybe? Anyway, that map/spot is difficult for Goliath since you can’t throw a rock, jump, leap smash or anything. Obviously you should avoid it, but it is perhaps bad enough that it could be considered a poor design choice.

And I think most of the maps in this game are excellent, so I’m not saying it’s a bad map. Just that one spot is a little too constricting for Goliath.



Mammoth Bird Peasants