How does the Rank system really work?


(this may or may not be a bug)

I do not understand this at all. So far I have only been playing hunters and I lost a couple of games which resulted losing many points so I got de ranked. When I then won the next couple I got next to no points going towards my next rank and at one point I was given 1 xp toward ranking up.

I can’t imagine it was how I played because I did my job fine and did a fair amount of damage so why the hell do you get so little and how can you increase this amount?


i think its rank dependant. so if you are bronze 2. and you defeat a bronze 3 monster. then you will get little to no points. but if you face a gold 3 monster id imagine the system is challenging your skill and guessing you will lose. if you pull out the win youll shoot straight up the ladder.

all just a guess.


If it’s based on skill might be on how you did. Played with @aboatman and we lost, she lost a lot more points than I did and we were same rank.


That makes seance but 1 point? That is a little bit less than expected for a game.


true. you might have fought a REALLY low monster.

my example is street fighter. when you are b+ or higher 3000points. and you get matched with a 0-0 or 500 point player. you are expected to dominate. if you win. you get 1 point. thats right, 1 and the next rank is 1000s away. but if you lose…OHHHH man you lose 350! and lag/smurfs can reallllly screw you over in that regard.


This new system makes me laugh lol, 5 minute que times to be in a lobby with all bronze players against silver monsters lol, GG pairing us with “similar” skilled players


we could discuss this in the patch notes thread if it wasnt “temporarily locked” last night

there are alot of problems in this patch and it seems like talking about them isnt an option


I was also Assault that one I think you’re talking about, and I didn’t even get above average in my damage that match. I lost like 50 something points so now I’m 1 pt away from going down to Silver Skilled.

I’m interested to know how the points are calculated, too. I do know they mentioned on the stream that you’d get more points by defeating a higher-ranked Monster. But that’s all I know.


Found this but I do not understand a word of it lol but apparently this is what the rank system is based on. The only thing I got out of it, is that it’s determined by the opponents you’ve won or lost to.


I played assault my team won and they got 1 point 30 points 50 points. And I got 254 points. I would like to know how the point system works.


Sil skilled monster played against all sil elites got 6pts played all determining ranks got 15 pts… Ive noticed the more u win the more pts u get maybe its like if u beat a team the players rank represent a rank points value but are awarded the next win u get? I have no idea… I remade and got to sil master in 15 win 0 loss… Got plus 4 vs all sil skilled