How does the matchmaking work?

so anyone know how the new matchmaking actually works?

I assumed if for example I was bronze for hunter I would be matched with other bronze hunters and play against bronze monsters.

or is it that you are matched against people who are either the same sub- level or just above or just below?. example a silver destroyer could be matched up with other silver levels or a gold skilled level player?

I sincerely hope bronze level players are not being matched up with gold level player or playing against gold level monsters.

some clarification on this would be nice.

Well, I’ve played this game non-stop from day one, and got placed in Bronze b/c I was on horrible pub teams that could absolutely do nothing to stay alive or fight the monster (one was so bad that the assault died twice before the monster was even trapped). I don’t consider myself perfect by any means, but at least experienced and capable.

So, don’t think of us Bronze hunters as bad, but more as the product of bad luck and (dare I say it) poor matchmaking. My hours played, level 40 with most elite characters made no difference. I think I was put in with beginner hunters and expert monsters. Kinda frustrated, but hopeful that it will quickly change.

if your in placement youll be pitted up against silvers to test your skill. if you keep winning u should face gold players. after teh initial 10 and then then next 10 games you should be right around your skill level besides the bad troll games ruining it lol.

Ha I seem to get nothing BUT troll teams.

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ill be honest. not only did i predict all this gravy to spill onto the forums. but my league of legends expeirence taught me to NEVER solo q a ranked mode with other ppl to depend on. even with my real team we ran into an esl monster and lossed. so pubs will not help at all lol.

the elohell in this game…given the amount of skill and communication needed. will be harder to get through than league or dota. my advice…play trapper. and never let the stage 1 go. (dont play jack hint hint)