How does the Leap Smash Rock Throw combo works?


I’m doing Leap Smash first followed by Rock Throw but it doesn’t work for me.


it’s either you scatter them when grouped with rock throw or you leap smash to engage, often people neglect one of these abilities and spend the points in other skills for more damage/duration.


are u talking about rocksmash?


Yes. 10 chars


thats not how it should work and will be fixxed.


Ah, the glorious slam dunk. One of my favorite moves to play in a Goliath game for both fun and pure shock value.

The trick to pulling this off is to hold the leap smash button and right when you release it, press the rock throw button. It takes a bit of timing practice to get it right, but once you do, you’ll be slam dunking hunters left and right.

Practice in solo or with friends in customs first because it’s a high risk/high reward move that either works or just fails. If you get a direct hit with both, it nearly destroys an entire personal shield (with both at 3-point values, of course)

P.S. If Turtle Rock takes this super fun move out of Goliath’s set, I will be sorely disappointed.


still works for me tried it in game…

maybe ure not doing it fast enough…
don’t target(hold) leap smash just tap it then really fast afterwards hit rock throw and hold it…you should do both at the sametime mid air doing the rock throw animation and youcan hold the rock throw till you land or let it go right away…

just be fast is all


I’m using a controller the buttons aren’t near eachother.


Why are you trying to learn an exploit? I’m just genuinely curious.


its an exploit dont teach ppl how to exploit

like u wouldnt tell anyone who ask’s how to get 2 shield drones up at once would u?


Doesn’t work on the Ps4 I think, am trying this for over an hour and haven’t been able to pull it off even once.


It’s not an exploit, as if you miss either of the two abilities (which is unsurprisingly more common than not, as aiming the rock throw is very janky during the leap smash), you are on cooldown for a good while, and caught with your pants down only being able to melee or use your only other abilities.


Now THAT’S an exploit. Damn, glad I’ve never seen that in a game.


it is an exploit

its just a flat 1 hit 100>0 instead of having time to react after the rock or smash


It is in fact an exploit, as it was never meant to be done and will be fixed shortly.


Wasn’t this fixed, or was this purely in the PC-version of the patch?


not even on pc


I haven’t seen it happen since patch. So I’m guessing they did


i saw it vs 2 goliath’s since the patch

could be that it was only lag but it looked like the old rocksmash