How does the Hunt 2.0 ranking system actually work?

If u win a Match u get 1 - 10 Points
If u lose a Match u lose 40 Points REALLY ?

If u leave a Match in the Character Selection screen u lose 40 Points , get a lose and get a Time out by 1700 seconds WTF

How is it possible 2 get Gold Rank as a Hunter if u lose so many points by 1 lose

I think i know why i didnt hv play Rank

TRS I love u and Evolve so much but this Rank System is so worst like if u try 2 get Daisy to trough the Door. It didnt will work she is to fat u know what i mean ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Check out this topic


Yo this stuff is whack… Sorry had to.

I sucks, yeah. But as Mountain said, check the link for a full explanation

Updated your subject as well, OP. :wink:

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