How does the character progression system work?


As far as I know, perks can be unlocked and upgraded by using silver keys or level up a character. I’m just wondering does the system automatically detects what perks I’ve already got? And once I level up a character to get a perk reward, it would be a perk I haven’t unlocked/upgraded. If not, will I get silver keys in return once I got a perk reward that I’ve already unlocked/upgraded?

Another thing is that do the perk rewards all the same when I level up different monsters/hunters? For example, will I get same perk rewards in the end if I level up Goliath and Kraken to Lv40?
It’s quite important for me to know how does the system work, thanks in advance.


I believe you can look at each character to see what perks they unlock via progression. The dev team is working to make perks easier to understand as well.