How does sneaking work in new Evolve Stage 2?


Does sneaking help at all vs the new dome mechanic and planetary scanner?

How does the new dome mechanic work? Will it tell hunters you are in dome range if you are close by but behind a wall and they haven’t seen
you at all?

Does the new planetary scanner show you to the trapper through walls if he is close by? Similar to jack’s scanner?

Does sneaking affect daisy at all? It used to make her slow down.

Why remove stealth

RIP my main playstyle, I used to sneak around like a ninja with my monster and it was the most entertaining way to play. Hiding RIGHT BEHIND THEM, juking around a rock and sending them in the wrong direction. Oh well, I assume sneaking isn’t viable at all now.


The planet scanner makes you have to move fast. So sneaking around is much harder to do now. It has a very short cooldown and makes the game much more fast paced… Gives the tactical monster players a big disadvantage in their playstyle.

Not sure how sneaking affects Dasiy now, but I do know that she finds you like 2 seconds after landing. Rather annoying tbh.


You can use the scanner to your advantage by heading in one direction while being tracked then doubling back or using elevation to juke while hunters head towards the last direction you were going.


Smart hunters will split up into pairs and pincer you, rather than straight up cutting you off.

And the cooldown on the scanner is terribly low. Even if you manage to juke them, it doesn’t last very long, as the scanner is back up again. They mentioned increasing the map size, which might help this, but at the moment you just can’t cover enough ground to get away in time. At least a longer cooldown would help.


planetary scanner says the direction, not how far are you from them :wink:


For the most part, I think the planetary scanner will make for a useful tool of misdirection. As for uhh Daisy. . I think she hones right in and anyone with eyes can use her to a great advantage. All in All I think stealth gameplay was nerfed, but is still very viable if mixed with great misdirection.


Sneaking shouldn’t be anyone’s main style. It should be a tool in the shed to bust out. After you get scanned, BAM!!, juked. Only hard counter is Daisy and if you kill her the Dropship doesn’t trigger so unless you kill someone else Daisy becomes a non factor.


I sneak and Juke pretty well in this one because I don’t have to be sneaky at the start. I’ve played against some good TRS teams and can still juke pretty well most of the time. Sometimes you get caught, but most of the time I evolve without being caught once. The nice thing is that even if you do get caught, you have max armor anyway. So it’s not bad to at least try it out. Just make sure to get a good dome and ‘get caught’ in a location where you can traverse to the other side of the map quickly.

However, sneaking in this game comes in bursts. You don’t always sneak. You time it with scanning and where they are heading etc… I might have to do a sequel to juking daisy called juking the planet (scanner) :smiley:


Does anyone know how these new mechanics work though? In the patch notes it says:
Shared Dome
"If a Hunter damages the Monster or is within a certain range, a prompt will appear to Dome the Monster."

Does this mean even if you are sneaking and/or behind a wall, the hunters get the prompt if they are within range?

Seems like sneaking has no affect on Daisy now then?


You have to have LOS of the monster and in combat mode I believe.


Pinging and planet scanner also work. So if you are on the other side of a rock and can’t see me and I’m not in combat you can’t dome me. However, if you scan then yes, you can dome me because the ‘trapper’ ‘sees’ where the monster is exactly through the wall. So the game allows for a dome deployed. Same with pinging. If you ping but not in combat, dome. Range is like 40-60 meters somewhere in there. Haven’t really tested yet.


Hmm, I’ll try to jump on to test this tonight when I cap a bug for LordDeath.


Does the trapper see an outline of the monster behind walls when they scan, like a tracking dart? Or it just puts the monster in a state that you can get the dome prompt?

Either way this seems very unfortunate and really kills some fun moments of hiding behind rocks, walls, and bushes as the monster. Especially wraith and gorgon.

Are monsters still more visible when they have full armour? They used to have a bit of a glow.


Trapper sees EVERY living thing on the planet with the scanner. Including wildlife, the monster and plants. So it will be red and highlighted as if darted/tagged.

The game is much faster paced so hiding in bushes for minutes didn’t fit. You can still sneak, and I’ve had plenty of games where I juked someone that was a few feet from me. Just need to do it during good ‘timing windows’.


On distillery I got an awesome sneak attack on them cause they used the scanner and then I snuck through the building (the one nearest the ocean, near the sloth zone) and got a vicious 3 person warp blast.

Sneaking is kinda useless in terms of long term sneaking but using it for quick jukes and sneak attacks seems to work fine.


As a whole- Sneakings maximum “potential” was nerfed, hard.


Sneaking is still viable. With the added mobility out of domes you can easily break LoS, and make them double-think which direction you went. Time it around the planet-scans. Head one direction, then double back. Make them wonder if you went left or right.

Youll still have PLENTY of opportunities to leave them guessing- But with the mechanics, as a whole- Your advantage is going to get you SOME of your evolve meter- Not all of it. Or maybe a stress-free evolve. Or maybe…


I did this a bunch yesterday. It buys you a short amount of time to eat and get a little distance before the Planet Scan again. Feels effective without ruining the Hunters.


However it also highlights you at a certain radius.


It highlights you are any distance, it just is sometimes too small to see at 200-300 meters.