How does Parnell's Suit Hurt him?


Just wondering…

Is it like a needle the stabs him and uses his blood to fuel the suit?


His suit has a vial in his wrist area that when S.S is activated it extends and injects the serum inside his body.

The serum is likely something that gives him a massive adrenaline boost and it’s highly unlikely to be healthy in that massive dosage.


I wonder what the serum is.

Maybe the guys who made the suit (I think they’re called sol guard) might make a new version of it that’s a lot safer, that would be pretty cool.


I believe the rage trooper program was cancelled


It will eventually become the Dark Trooper program :slightly_smiling:


I believe you mean Darth Vader Program.



No, dark trooper:


I’m so sad Kyle Katarn is not a real character anymore… :frowning:


Perhaps Finn can fix that?


Possibly, but Finn’s dad isn’t a jedi and Finn isn’t training the other Jedi :slight_smile: Also, Finn is a bit of a bumbling idiot at times :slight_smile: Finn needs more… swagger :slight_smile:



LOL I just noticed the most revealing dark trooper has a shield that looks like a TIE fighter’s wing.


Because drugs are bad, mkay.



SS is actually a PSA from TRS to say that drugs are bad and we should never consider using them.


Unless we are fighting giant monsters. Then heroine is your friend.


I always figured Parnell was kinda like Bane with his venom. Sure, it pumps him up, but it’s also poison and it does have some adverse effects.


What if Parnell’s Variation had the armor from Berserk? Let’s make it goddamned terrifying.


Hello FN-2187 or should I call you…


TR-8R’s actual name is FN-2199, or as addressed by his team, Nines.

he also survived the fight, just wounded.