How Does One Use a Community Title?


I’ve seen the “Leader” title appear next to @The_CreatorX’s name, and I would like to know how to use something like “Reader” or “Regular”.

Edit: I have the two titles mentioned that I would like to change to, and I would like to show that you have to have the title in order to use it.

Since I didn’t see any topic specifically related to the forum other than the “Report Forum Bugs” I decided to label it as off-topic, but mods or devs feel free to move it where you think it will do the most good.


I think you need the badge first. Then i think you allow it as title

Looking Back at My Old Posts

I have quite a few of the titles, i’ll edit the original to show that. but how would I allow it as a title? I’m unsure of how to change that as an option.


I tried seeing if i could do it myself but i don’t think i have any of the useable titles. Perhaphs the moderators ( @Plaff @SlinkyGuy or @Brandini ) know. sorry i couldnt be of more use.

Looking Back at My Old Posts

not a problem, thank you for trying. I wasn’t aware it was possible until I saw the Creator with Leader next to his name. It may be that that’s the lowest title under moderator you can use.


I understand now, there has to be a check mark next to “Allow as a title?” in order for it to be able to be utilized. I think the Forum should have titles that are just for show, with a way to earn such titles that can be shown… besides the few that already are like that.

but that’s an issue for a mod like @Brandini or a dev like @DamJess to address.

not to say, you can’t add in your thoughts on the subject if you wish :slight_smile:


Do you gentlemen want a title? We can conjure up something fun for you guys! I wager, we can have titles for anybody! Something you can earn or something you could have as a title for fun? The last forum I was in had the option to edit your own titles! Maybe we can do something like that? :smiley:


definitely :slight_smile: that would be awesome!


It would be nice to have titles unlockable through playing evolve. Though i don’t know how that would work

Looking Back at My Old Posts

I think you should make a topic, and pin it, regarding the creation of titles, and let the community have a vote towards it. maybe pitch a few examples. fun for all!


I think we should keep it to ‘New’, ‘Basic’, ‘Regular’, ‘Leader’ and ‘Moderator’.
If we’re allowed to put anything it devalues the worth of having a title, something I was very happy to be given.


you can’t use New, Basic, or Regular… I checked, and you can only use Leader, Elder, Moderator, or a Dev title…

and while Leader is granted after certain conditions are met, I don’t want to undermine that. I want titles that you still have to earn, but more. instead of 2 that are possible to earn through certain conditions, and 2 that are appointed.


Here is a better question; how do you earn the titles like moderator that Plaff and Slinky earned?


No no, I meant like you suggested. You can get the basic and regular trust level, but you can’t get a title for it, which is something I think we need.
‘New’ is one that could be implemented and can be a 48hr title.


Be extremely active and helpful!
Also make sure you’re well mannered and can type English properly.


Well I think I can use English, I think i have some form of manners, but the being helpful part might hold me back. I don’t spend that much time here. Unless it’s a special day like today where I spend most of the day trying to get a code and suceed.


You’re definitely well mannered and you speak like you actually went to school, so you have one requirement left!


I understand what you mean now ^^ I’m in agreement with that.


Does not cussing also fit into the well mannered category? Also I will make an effort to help out; even if the current moderators are too good at their job and are to fast to help.


Hmm, I think I’ve only cussed once on the forums, and that was about the SWATting prank that some idiot pulled.
Plaff and Slinky don’t cuss, Brandan does sometimes but it’s more like ‘omfg’ etc, so I’m fine with that.
I’d say you’re fine to do it, just not too often and not too strong.