How does one get into gaming now a days


I’ve seen the wanted posted with a few postings still open, so how does someone get the talent to work for a studio? Where does one learn these program requirements? Is all ur talent in Cali too or do u have people who are remote?


There’s already been a similar topic to this, but here’s some posts from them that might help explain things a bit

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I’ve been working in the industry for almost 4 years now. If you have specific questions fire away…

The short answer is you need a skill set… What can you bring to the table? Art, coding, design? There are a bunch of jobs. I went to a special school to learn how to do 3D art and they helped me design a portfolio and stuff. Mostly you have to work hard and prove that you can work fast and produce quality work.


Every studio is different, I know some studios that have 2/3s of their workforce remotely. I know others that are 100% there in house. We’re mostly here at TRS, but there are some third parties who work with us remotely.

Like @TEKNOC said, you need a skill to bring to the table. Being able to handle a large variety of things (a.k.a. a flat or broad skillset) has it’s positives and negatives. Most (but not all) studios will prefer you are highly specialized in something. There are a lot of great programs out there to teach you the fundamentals. Networking is also important as it’s what normally lands the interview. However, skill and personality are what get you the job.

Do you have a gaming related-degree?


Na I have a science degree and a boatload of IT infrastructure experience.

I was asking primarily for others who might be interested too.


I spent a good amount of time in the industry as a NOC technician. As more and more games are utilizing their own systems to stay online (the world of MMOs in particular), they need folks like us to keep the game servers, and its network infrastructure running.
I miss parts of it, but i enjoy the stability i have outside that industry as well. the last company i worked for launched a AAA MMO. Then when their subscription model didn’t work, laid off 60% of their staff.


On the art side, I took Graphic Design classes in college which got me using photoshop. Back in that day, games were mostly sprite based. I started modding “Marathon”, Bungie’s precursor to Halo, making new weapons, FX, texture sets and characters (you can find a lot of that stuff on the Marathon Trilogy Disks.) Then I worked on an actual game that was charity-ware - released for free (“Nanosaur”.) Between the Marathon modes and Nanosaur stuff, I had my first portfolio. Applied to 100 game studios across the USA. 2 replied. Took the first job offer I got and fifteen years later here I am working on Evolve with an awesome team. :blush:

Background of the developers

Well being as you hired them I would hope they were awesome :smile:


Number one thing that happened, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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I’d say if you are interested, decide what part of game development you are interested in. Then, start taking classes and using the tools used within the industry. I myself am just finishing up school for Game Design & Development. If you want to make levels or design games I would suggest Unity3d and/or UDK. (UDK more so for level design). Learn how to script. If you are interested in the art side I would learn something along the lines of 3ds Max, Maya, or Zbrush. Whatever your passion, you need to have skill before you can break into the industry. As for breaking in once you have skill, I’m still working on that but I hear it has a lot to do with being able to show your passion along with your skill and also it helps if you know someone (but it’s not a must).


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