How does one counter Jack's tracking ability?

…But I’ve played against Jack and confirmed it for myself -.^ I’ve dodged his lasers in this manner to juke the hunters, and you can tell if you’ve been marked as you see a “Marked by Survey Satellite” warning on your screen. You also see the red diamond monster mark.

destroy it if you are close enough, dodge it if not close enough.

But playing as him, I have never had a Monster not be marked if they are in range. Even when the laser itself is getting to max distance, but the Monster is right in front of me. Such as from a Wraith Abduction.

Hm… That’s odd…

@MajorLeeHyper @niaccurshi I’m starting to doubt myself a little here even though I’m sure I’m right from a Jack and Monster POV… Can either of you confirm? (Niaccurshi since I heard he’s quite good with Jack? -.^)

As far as I’ve seen it you are tagged if you are within the whole radius and there are enough pings left on the tracker. You don’t have to be close to the laser, though in general the point is moot because you are. Not sure if you can avoid being tagged by coming back closer to the center though, never seen a monster try it

And I don’t know if I’m that good a jack, someone like @MrTalha might have a very insight from much more experience

I have never seen a monster that have avoided tagging while still being within the range of the sattelite, though it’s not anything you would easily notice during combat.

As for avoid the tracking ability itself, it’s the wrong mindset. It’s not something to be dodged like a sound spike would.

To put it this way, it’s Jack’s one every 45 second “is the monster… here?” card.
If Jack have a reason to suspect you are in the area then you are found if you are and not if you are not.

If you went to one of as an example, Destillery’s obvious spots, the caves, well, then jack just put down is magic staff and ask Gandalf: “Yo, is the monster in here? My gut says yes, but I want confirmation.” But a smart monster “dodging” the tool wouldn’t have gone to the most obvious spot.

Same with Medbay, in the east with all the bushes. “Yo, my gut says the monster is hiding here. What do you say?”.

But if you came here to hear how to litterally dodge it, then yes, you can easily dodge it.
It makes a sound simular to one of those stock sounds used in UFO movies. And it lights up the sky like a Las Vegas casino. Just move away from it, either sneaking if you are near the edge or to leap away.

Haha. That was humorous yet informative to OP.

Don’t mind me folks, just trying to get some ideas out there.

Adaptations notwithstanding, what is a good way to counter Jack’s track? I’ve been trying some things myself. I think one time I actually avoided it by moving forward out of my hiding spot just a little bit right after a beam went right in front of me. I maybe avoided the beam and it went behind me. I THINK that is what happened anyway…can’t confirm yet that you can actually do this to avoid being tracked.

I love how this is still unconfirmed. How do you work, oh mysterious satellite spike?

But really… All this time and a dev can’t explain the mechanic? Help us out lol.

Can you avoid being tracked if you stay within the satellite radius but dodge the laser beam attached to the shark’s head?

I’ll be able to test it out tomorrow most likely and I have a twitch set up so I can see if I can find someone to help online

No, if you dodge the laser you still get tagged but I believe you avoid the damage.

That’s good to know, I guess the only way to counter it is to double back.

Don’t leave us hanging!

The satellite helps you track hunters just as well as they track you. The center of the radius is very noticeable.

Last night I played against a couple Jacks. The main thing I would do is book it toward 1 end of the map and then sneak around the edge.

I found that a lot of Jack players throw the satellite down as soon as they land. They usually follow the tracks to the end and then they lose my trail and have no satellite to use.

It worked at Silver Level Hunt so I have no idea against competent pre-mades.

I should be on again today and I’ll check this out.

I was playing Jack yesterday and it doesn’t seem to have a max ping limit for things like elites or tracks though but I could be mistaken as it was only a couple games

O really? I thought it did because the mastery bonus for the satellite tracker is addition pings. I was surprised to find out it had a ping limit.

Very odd tracking tool overall.

Yeah, I drop down and try to get a beat on the monster’s direction. After landing the monster is very likely to be outside the range. I might throw it just to eliminate the possibility of them being near, and then we’d split up to look for a direction. Use birds, spotters, etc to locate and then continue on. Usually though I’d follow along the trail until a good distance and then drop it down.

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Ok. Limited number of pings as normal. The beam ONLY pings what it touches. It doesn’t rescan anything inside. IT CAN BE DODGED BY GOING INSIDE IN BETWEEN BEAM PASSES AS LONG AS YOU DON’T TOUCH THE BEAM.

You also only take damage for that first ping that hits you.

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