How does one counter Jack's tracking ability?

How do we sneak away from him and how can we get a good idea on how far his survey can reach us?

Is going YOLO down Mammoth alley or mixing it with sneaking better?

It goes 100 meters. Stay ahead of it I believe.

What if I run to the centre of it? XD

I say sneak till Stage 2. Always works for me. I play Bob and Goliath and just sneak until i am Stage 2. They never find me :smiling_imp:

So the tracker works by progressively pointing out the newest and most interesting information up to it’s max range (about 100m it seems as @Therubexcube says).

So from a monster point of view you can either…

  1. Sneak for 100m at least
  2. Run in one direction for 20m or so, then sneak off in a different direction as above
  3. Run entirely in the direction you want to go, counter his tracking by making it redundant, keep enough distance and they’ll never know exactly where you are anyway!

I think it still picks you up within the radius of it. If the beam hits you it hurts you as well as tracks you. Or pings you I should say.

I put a path down one way and then uber sneak a different direction. If you are in the center of the map at spawn you just need to go a quarter of the map any direction through sneaking to make his scanner useless BUT the birds constantly undo this tactic within 2-3 feeds anyway.


It seems to track you even if it doesn’t hit you though right? You can’t just dodge the beam and not be tracked can you?

The beam damage is an added bonus. It finds you if you are in range during that sweep

I have been outside of the sweep by a pinch and it has tagged me. Basically just stay away from it! xD

I think that if you are inside the radius it will track you. If it hits you it does damage.

You could try the insane strategy of wasting all of its pings by killing a ton of wildlife.

Wait it has a limit? I thought it kept going out and out with only two pings at a time.

Im just guessing since you get extra pings as a bonus for masteries.

Damnit really? I’ve thought if you avoided the beam you were off the radar, I’ve just been letting it go behind me, thinking by not getting hit and sneaking into the middle of the circle it wouldn’t see me. Thought the beam had to hit you, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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the thing is you ony get the "tracked by satellite " prompt in the top right corner when you get hit by the beam , ive stepped inside the beam without getting hit and didn’t receive the prompt , so im kinda lost on its true design .

Yeah it has a limit, you can also destroy it with 1 melee attack if Jack sets it down inside a dome.
So kill it like you do the sound spikes before it damages you.

I just run until im away 100m they always waste it at the beginning which gives me an advantage if I run at the start then I sneak.

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It tracks/pings anything the beams hit. What I do if I see the beam is I actually get closer to the center and let the beams pass me. Running away from the center works fine but keeps you in its range of scanning. If you run TO the center then your outside its scanning range because it already did that section.

That doesn’t work, actually. It pings whatever is inside the radius.