How does matchmaking work?


How does the matchmaking work in this game? Specifically if you play alone. If I want to find a match with random people, do we get into a lobby and choose what we want to be? Or do you choose before and it pairs you up accordingly?


I guess it will be how most MoBa’s are like. You get put into a queue and matched up with people if you play alone.
Not sure if you can Queue and choose what class you want to be though.


There’s a preference system in the game, so basically you have a most preferable class and a least preferable class. So for example your preferences could be:

  1. Monster
  2. Medic
  3. Support
  4. Trapper
  5. Assault

If you can’t be the Monster, then your next preference will be used which in this case is the Medic. And then if you can’t be the Medic you’ll be Support, etc etc.


Thanks for clearing it up for me!


Do you know if you have to pick everything? Can you go

  1. Monster

and that’s it.


  1. Assault
    2 )Trapper
  2. Support


I think so. I only know how it works because of a YouTube interview and he said that if you just want to be a hunter/monster you can set your preference to that


Go to youtube and search Jackfrags and go to his channel. He has an interview with on of the devs from TRS and many things are explained


Nice spot Goldendude3,
Around 12 minutes 10 seconds in on the video


How bout if you wanna call “next” on a hunter or monster player for your grp or challenger?


What would happen say, at launch, a large amount of people opt for the same choices?
How would the roles be sorted?


So there isn’t really any way to be certain what class you will be put into? Also can you change this as any times as you want if you want to try other classes?


Yeah you can change your preference.

And the matchmaking is supposed to always get your your first pick, but obviously you might not always get it


I think the most important aspect there is to any matchmaking would be freedom. To leave and join in at any point. Eventually you meet people you like, get friends in game, and join them if you will.

But else, just make it as random as possible and with no lines, then you can hop in and hop out whenever you feel like.

Of course, the game would have to allow such thing to happen. It wouldn’t work on a MOBA which you need to level up through the game. And I got no idea if evolve could comport this. Counter Strike sure could.

PS: Why is this offtopic?


Been searching the forums for this question and finally found it! Thanks for clearing it up.

To expand on the original question though; what would happen if I’m playing with a friend and we happen to have the same preferences i.e.

  1. Monster
  2. Assault
  3. Trapper
  4. Medic
  5. Support

Would it pick me as the Monster for one game and him/her Assault, then (assuming you can keep the same lobby after a match) would it give me Assault and him/her Monster the next?


My question is whether hunters will be able to talk with randoms over the mic to at least try to cooperate, and whether you will be able to have a pref for people who use mics and people who don’t.