How does Markov's 3 star Arc Mine Character Mastery Work?


The description reads: “damage the Monster with 2 Arc Mines without taking any damage”. I’ve managed to get a few but does this mean damage the monster with 2 arc mines at the same time? Without taking any damage before during the whole match or what?


2 mines damage the monster before Markov takes damage himself, I believe.


So Markov can’t take any damage the whole round from any source before hitting the monster with the mines? Seems extremely difficult. Could it just be deal damage with 2 mines before taking damage in a single encounter with the monster?


No, I think it’s like this;

1 mine, take damage, streak broken.

Take damage, monster goes through 2 mines, +1 progress, take damage, 2 more mines, +1 progress, 1 mine, take damage (no progress), 2 mines, +1 progress.

Basically , you can take damage, but it must pass through 2 mines between you taking damage to count.


What is not to understand

damage the Monster with 2 Arc Mines without taking any damage

The monster runs into 2 mines and u have got +1 in the mastery

The monster runs into one mine and you take damage, then you do not get a +1 in mastery


Thanks lordweh. “Without taking any damage” was vague and confusing to me, Nomad.