How does Kraken feel to you? (Kraken 8.0 Discussion) [Poll]

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Why do you think this?
How have your experiences been with Kraken?

Kraken is OP, takes no skill, please nerf him
Unfortunately, the Kraken is OP!
Kraken buff OP dawg
TRS Kracken's too much in pubs please tone her down!
We need to fix kraken
Why TRS not micropatching the Kraken? - Already 4 month now with OP Kraken!

Overpowered - Why?
Because Vortex-Lightning Strike combo.

It is nearly impossible to dodge LS with the most recent radius buff. Count the stunlock Vortex combo and you are done.
Can’t outrun Banshee mines now.
Aftershock is still meh to me currently, don’t really care.


In my opinion he’s the most underpowered of the monsters. He’s relatively easy to find, easy to kill, and he’s a big target. I have the most success against Krakens.


I want balance and this monster just doesn’t bring that feeling of balanced gameplay. Recent buffs brought it to an OP state. The lightning strike used to be very dodgeable and now its wider, stronger, and hits sooner. I mean really? Why not just make us incapable of moving while the strike happens lol. It flies around for god sake it needs no buffs, just some nerfs to its damage. Think about what I just said… IT FLIES, how much more of an advantage do u need?


I haven’t played agausnt him enough to know. I don’t know if I want to from what I remember. The horrrors…;-;


Considering that the buffs allowed me to go from scared to use the Kraken versus silver skilled people because of how bad I am a Kraken, to being able to beat Silver Elites without succumbing to a heart attack, I would say he is OP. Banshee mines are finally worth 3 points and a 3 point lighting strike is only easy to dodge if you have Sunny. I now know what it feels like to instagib a bastard Sunny.


The reason the radius increased is because it used to be absolutely gigantic! Then it was reduced a whole lot and now its at the half way point and considering the Krakalaken takes more bullet limb damage, it doesn’t matter that if flies if it still gets buttered up by bullets. After will always be a point of complaining I’m not gonna touch it and banshee mines used to overshoot targets because they didn’t agro soon enough and there goes that shot (I personally just use 1 to snipe with) and they have a minimum arming time so depending on your distance relevant to the monster you still could dodge you just have to realize that the farther away you are, the more succeptable you are to the insta hits because of the distance.


I made a simple suggestion of slowing down the track speed of the LS to hamper its ability to be used on its own but doesn’t effect its combo capability.

I would also like Banshee mines tweaked again to de sync the invincibility and arm time to allow for proper counter play again.


Yes, kraken is the easiest monster to kill.

If the person playing kraken sucks that is.

If the person is proficient with him then he is undoubtebly the strongest monster in the game.


I feel like the issue with Kraken is the counterplay to his flight mechanics are pretty weak, because he’s in the air for so long it gives him a huge advantage and CC has minimal effects.


Aftershock in good hands is prettuch undodgeable.

Even if it was dodgeable it takes over two boosts, generally. Tank it, you say?

Vortex-LS combo is LITERALLY undodgeable. The stun and the large radius…You’re done.

He has two high burst essentially unavoidable abilities.

He’s explosion city central. EVERYTHING forces you to burn fuel.

And when you do? Mines can no longer be outrun and hit for huge damage. Gg.

Just get Trapper to shoot them? Then he’s both doing less damage AND cc’ing less. And cc is already PITIFUL against Kraken.

Why TRS not micropatching the Kraken? - Already 4 month now with OP Kraken!

A flying target is the easiest to track and shoot when chasing.


Recent combat buffs took him in the wrong direction. He’s too powerful now. Mobility buffs were needed not these combat ones.

Edit: Also, I would note that I do main Kraken.


100% Agreed.


I dunno, I suck at playing Kraken and I haven’t seen a good Kraken player yet, so I’m going with “Balanced” even though I know that everyone on the forum complains about him.
I’d love to be good at Kraken, but I get caught too easily and his skills are hard to hit for me, then again I didn’t practice him at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love how we can all play the same game and come to different conclusions!


‘‘Everything Wrong with Kraken in 8 lines or fewer’’ ^^
+1 To everything mentioned.

In my opinion the deep core problem with Kraken is that it cannot be balanced both for inexperienced and experienced players.

I really cannot see how Kraken could be balanced for all the community.
Since telemetry puts all matches in the same ‘‘bag’’ - meaning that all matches from both experienced and inexperienced players get to affect equally the statistics - the overall final telemetry might show a balanced out monster in terms of Win/Loss ratio but that’s hardly the case.

I am pretty confident that for Kraken the Loss ratio is vastly shaped by inexperienced players’ games and Win ratio vastly shaped by experienced players’ games in such an improportional manner that happens with no other monster currently in game.

The abilities Kraken has atm just create such a dynamic for an experienced monster player that it is most of the times yet an arduous if not unbearable process to play as hunter against the Kraken just to end up losing with hands down.

As far as experienced players are concerned (and I am not claiming rights to talk for everyone I am only stating what I have seen so far from my point of view) noone wishes to play against Kraken in matches with experienced monster players or ranked games, noone is ever thirlled to say ‘‘cool it’s the Kraken’’!

Can the Kraken be beaten? Of course, with the right hunter setup and the right experienced team.
But in my opinion this is far from balance.
From a certain level of gameplay experience/skill it becomes straightforwardly favoring the monster player.

P.s.1: Feel free to translate experienced and inexperienced into skilled or not/less skilled players X-D


Don’t feed him, he also goes around saying the same thing about Val and Sunny.


Because you never play against decent kraken

Easy to keep tracking him because he is slow but

Kraken is the strongest monster to fight against

You can ask all gold + esl hunters

Kraken can demolish the whole team with in seconds … one mistake means hunter loss the game unlike other monster

Kraken can wibe any team TBA - NJP

If trapper didn’t dome the kraken early = hunter lost

The most pub stomping monster

I win against lvl 40 pre-made as stage 1 sometimes without losing quarter of my health

Kraken with 20% cooldown is deadly

Ask @pepkrn @Source_TV. These people are legends


Except he’s contantly in the air, dodging faster than Wraith can traverse and is immune to stasis in combat. Mines are useless unless Kraken is braindead. Mortars, LG, flamethrower, PL are harder to use comparing to other monsters. Bob isn’t flying and he’s slow big body that eats every bullet. While Kraken can mitigate dmg better than other monsters. Even flying wraith is easier to punish.

He has full stock of hard-to-dodge abilities that can be combined to devastating outcome.

And this sneak pounces in combat…