How Does It Mix?


So for the Evolve edition of “Will It Blend”… Perks, More Perks, and Elite Buffs! :smile:
These are more mechanical questions that I didn’t find in a FAQ anywhere, at least not yet.

Question 1:
If you take two DIFFERENT perks that affect the same stat (for example Hunger and Celerity that both affect move speed), how do they combine? is it additive x% + y% = (x+y)%, or Multiplicative (1+x)% * (1+y)%?

Question 2:
If you take the SAME perk at two different levels (say Celerity twice) how do THOSE combine? Is it any different from how two different perks combine?

Question 3:
So you’ve got the paralyzing hits (melee slows hunters) perk, and then pick up the Steamodon elite buff - how do THOSE combine? Similar question to any other elite buff stacking with a perk category - feed speed, jetpack efficiency, etc. In Legacy the elite buff would override the (single) perk completely, but how does it work in Stage 2?

Question 4:
Hunter Regeneration perks - are they just a pure addition to the passive regeneration all hunters get? Are there any caps on some perk/buff categories - i.e. regen cannot go over a certain amount, etc?

Question 5:
Specifically speaking to the Hunter’s poison bullets perk - is it only bullets, or do markov lightning/caira grenade/sunny nuke/etc also apply it? And if the ENTIRE team takes it, how do they stack - renewing duration of a single poison status, or individual poison ticks for every separate hunter?

Thanks in advance for the answers!