How does hanks shield work


Is it invincibility while shielded or dose it just reduce damage. I’ve been having a lot of peole die while shielded. I know they are shipded because I’m playing with a friend and on my and his screen the shield is on but he still gets downed. I think it’s a bug because sometimes the peole i shield are invincible and others take damage like normal


It temporarily prevents them from taking any damage, but its use is finite. Its battery runs out after a few seconds and you have to let it recharge. Btw, you know Hank is using his shield projector when there’s blue light coming out of it


Hank’s shield works by absorbing damage, damage a hunter would have taken is absorbed by the Shield’s battery instead. If a hunter takes more damage than the shield has capacity remaining, it will spill over into health damage even though the beam is on the hunter.

Edit: It is important to note that when you have the beam on a friend, the shield’s capacity will not recharge, even if they are not being hit (the capacity only goes down when a hunter is hit, not just when you have the beam up). In order to get the most out of the shield, you have to put it up for big attacks like rock throw and lightning strike, and let it recharge in between otherwise you will quickly find your shield battery too low to prevent any real damage.


lets say it like this

hunerhp:1600 but is aready dmged and his hp is on 600

then hanks shield comes in which absorbs 1000(dont know the real number)

in that case the hunter is back at 1600 health for the dmg calculation.

but if he gets a rock in his face for 1650 dmg then he dies even with hanks shield up

i hope u understand what iam trying to tell u lol


it only absorbs 800


I’m glad this was explained…I’m pretty damn good with Hank and wondered how that worked. Makes sense though as I’ve had it happen as Assault as well numerous times…kinda confused me since visually the shield stayed there.

So I imagine the damage cap doesn’t reset until it’s fully recharged?


Shield doesn’t take too much damage unless you take capacity perk. Don’t know the numbers but a level 2 Goliath with one full rock throw probably uses up 75% of the shield. Hank’s shield is really good in key situations but rightly can’t just be left on.

As Hank I usually take reload speed to charge the shield faster and get more orbitals.

Quick switch is best for being able to prevent a single attack then right back to damage.

Versus Goliath don’t shield against flame breath unless they’re low. Save it for leap or rock throw.

Kraken,s lightning should always be blocked but I try to shoot banshee mines.

It is really annoying when you heal a medic so they can escape and instead they charge the monster with temporary invincibility… so I can’t damage the monster.


Also worth noting that if the Target hunter has damage reuction perk or wildlife buff the effective value of Hank’s shield is extended as well.


Thanks for letting me know how it works. I’ll only shield the big attacks now


Also shield players that are low. I fly in while shielding and cloak when possible. Don’t shield cloaked players bc it highlights them. I tell them I’m cloaking them so they won’t shoot but they usually shoot anyways. Also, dropping orbitals on focused players usually let’s them escape and you keep shooting.


Also shield assaults if the monster is trying to camp in a corner. Getting them in its face and taking initial damage saves them having to pop their shield too early.


Heres a tip for ya, if you shield the guys hit by flamebreath for like, one click, the residual burn damage ( like hyde’s flamethrower damage over time ) will be gone at no battery expense.


Okay so I get there is an absorption limit, but is it tied to the battery life? Or is it consistent through out the battery life?

Below is a list of ways the shield can work from what I’ve seen - please pick to simplify it for my own ignorance :older_man:

1: The battery is linked to the amount of damage is can absorb, meaning it will shield 1k total. So the batter drains normal while maintaining and quicker when damage gets absorbed. So when 1k is absorbed then the battery depletes as a result. Or if the last bit of damage isn’t absorbed due to not being hit then the battery drains at a normal pace due to maintaining the shield and it ends. So if maintaining unhit can last 8seconds, taking 500dmg of 1k causes it to only last 4seconds tops.

2: The shield blocks a consistent amount of damage, say 1k again. The battery life is lets say 8 seconds. So for 8 seconds, it will absorb 1k of damage per hit regardless of how many times he person is hit. So if he’s hit 3 times in that 8seconds for 1600 damage, then 3k is absorbed and the hunter takes 1800 damage total.

3: The shield has a absorb limit of 1k, but consistent 8second maintenance. So the battery instantly depletes as soon as 1k damage is absorbed, but until that 1k mark is hit, the battery will be drain the normal speed and result in 8seconds of maintaining shield whether 200dmg or 999dmg is hit - as long as 1k damage isn’t absorbed total.


You have the shield which is X

And the battery which is also X

As the hunter thats getting shielded takes damage the battery DECREASES.

Battery = shield hp.


should be 1.

it got 800 in his “mag”

like cabots dmg amp it got 1000 (??) extra dmg in the mag

and yeah its way better to just shield the big attacks and switch back cuz the shield only starts reloading if u are not using it


ah alrighty then. I thought that was the case, but somehow I ended up more confused reading the thread :cry: Thanks for the replies.