How does Gobi work?


I can’t get it to track or find the monster in any circumstance. It sometimes highlights the monster if it’s basically right in front of me and I can see it already anyways…

Is there some kind of trick to this or what?


You just point in the direction and let him go. He only travels so far and highlights whatever is near it


Gobi flies in the direction you “aim” him. That’s all there is to it


IT just isn’t working for me then, it’s never helped me find the monster at all =(

The most it does is it highlights some wildlife directly in front of me, It’s never really helped me locate the monster yet once.


check out Crows advanced tutorials :slight_smile:


Gobi :eyes: all…


Point him where you think the monster might be, Gobi will highlight all the wildlife in the area. Just keep sending him out in different areas until you spot it.


Yeah that is exactly what I am trying to do…he just doesn’t do that for me.


Gobi works like a charm, duh.


Wish it worked for me, I like the rest of his kit a lot.


Could you post some videos?


Question: Are you pointing in a general direction but there’s a lot of obstacles in the way?

From my experience, Gobi flies in a straight line from where your reticle is but doesn’t avoid anything. So if you shoot him in a direction where your LoS isn’t very far then you won’t get anywhere. Basically, if you shoot him south but there’s a tree in the way he won’t avoid the tree before coming back.

Hope this helps!


Point him in the direction you think the monster went, click the mouse, and watch as the monster is seen!

Gobi sees all. :wink:


I might try him again a few times later tonight or tomorrow, maybe I will have better luck then.


Abe’s darts are a sniper rifle, Gobi is a shotgun.

It might also help to think of Gobi as a Dust tag that rolls out in the direction you aim it.

Gobi doesn’t “track”, he spots. So if you aim him down a long corridor and the monster jukes left or right, Gobi won’t follow them.

Sometimes its worth it to give him short paths if you aren’t sure which way the monster went, or send him one way and go the other.


for me Gobi goes out like barely in front of me, does a little circle and then vanishes (Returns) and spots like nothing.


It does require a bit of luck, at first I felt the same and thought I was doing something wrong but then I realised Gobi was working as intended and the monster was just in a different location so if Gobi doesn’t spot him, try a different direction. Like Abe, it requires some luck, till the monster is tagged you just have to hope you find it quickly.


You gotta say GOBI like really aggressively before you send him out. So he knows his mum is angry and wants result.


Gobi isnt a maggie so you have to know an direction. For example you know that he might be in the cornered area but you dont want to go in theire that the monster just run away in the other direction. So gobi highlights the monster for your team and it cant hide in bushes or something like that. The monster HAS to move and thats pretty nice. I love gobi.
Not sure if i come back to Griff


Don’t have Crow and haven’t had a chance to mess with him, but I’ve heard that Gobi stops if he hits any terrain, so I’d try to avoid sending him directly towards large rocks or buildings. Might even be some funky geometry issues going on with Gobi like there were with Cabot’s dust tags.