How does everyone feel about Cabot?


How does everyone feel about Cabot in evolve stage 2? He was my favorite support to play alongside, but with the new changes to how stage 1 domes work it sounds like he won’t be good anymore.

Is Cabot still a good choice? I’m on console and my PC isn’t very good so I was wondering how he was.


Bruh, Catbutt is my goto support nowadays. The perk system and new support ability finally makes him worth while imo <3


I definitely feel like defensive characters excel right now. Sunny, EMET, Griffin/Maggie is nightmare mode for poor Goliath.


He is good, but he is very risky with Gorgon and Elder Kraken, who both can toss out un-dodgeable abilities (Acid spit (not the residue, the spit itself) and Death Spiral) so your choice of medics are very limited and they are still at risk.
But it’s always been that way of course.


His damage output is really good now that limb damage doesn’t gimp his Railgun. I feel like his dust tagging got nerfed because the radius seems even smaller now. Though I really miss cloak because it allowed him to escape.


Buckets better now though right? It sounds like him and rouge Val are the most complained about combo atm. Hank and caira have always been good, and sunny and Val have always been good too. I was wondering if Cabot had any squad that he works really well with in the new meta, since no one seems to be talking about him.


Cabot is good with anyone. Can’t go wrong with extra damage.


Honestly, I wouldn’t even categorize Bucket as an offensive support anymore. I would say he’s the most offensive of the defensive supports. His recharge is so incredibly strong on defense. Shield/recharge/shield or healburst/recharge/healburst or God forbid they’re communicating and do both in tandem.


yes good but he requires a team that knows what they are doing since you want to focus the high dmg when the beam is on allso pretty disgusting dmg with lennox XD


I think if a Cabot stacks damage perks, and a Lennox stacks damage perks, and Cabot uses Damage Amp, and Lennox uses her Shock Lance, it’d be OP AF


I played vs your monster… I was EMET with 425% jump height +20 % reload and 20% efficiency… it was fun round


Hey, how’s it going! Were you the guys that almost beat me on Wraith Trap?