How does behemoth rock wall work?


please,i know it’s got bugs but i wanna know what situation that make me build incomplete rock wall so i could avoid the hole of death.


It doesn’t… Duh

Lol but sometimes it gets caught on specific “objects” on the map. Plants, boxes, you name it… The only current answer is to learn where the rock wall is having issues on diff. maps right now and to attempt to be more profecient with your rockwall projection


so i can use rock wall below the hunter right?


Yeah supposedly they fixed that glitch… And I haven’t had any holes in the walls due to hunters in awhile… It merely bounces them to one side of the wall… Either towards or away from you.

In fact that’s what its for… Too help separate them


Below hunters works consistently, if the wall is too close to Bob it will have holes. Also, Slims leech guns make that big swoop of green back to Slim, right? Like Markovs lightning gun? Well those block it too.

Honestly I stopped taking the rock wall. Go 3 Lava Bomb with Damage, Cooldown Redux, or Movement. You can take one or two rock when you level up (but I still don’t).


finally thank you. and I just found rock wall will be block by his lava bomb also.


Rock wall is blocked by anything that’s not moveable. I think daisy still blocks on occasion, and I think MaddCow mentioned in one of his streams that placing it too close to you will cause it to glitch as well. So I recommend doing a custom solo-defend matches with ability cooldown perk and testing distances in spots to see what works.

Not sure why some terrain blocks as well. It may be a distance thing, or something tiny on the terrain that has an oddity attached. This is all stuff I’ve just read being discussed. Still in the works of getting behemoth myself for testing.

Side Note: I think ability cooldown is bugged at the moment so that may not be good to use…

All that being said, I’ve still seen many excellent monsters make consistent use of rock wall with little to no breakage, so I believe there is something to it that most people miss.

This guy for example does some nice work:

Long 35min video with multiple matches so I recommend just swapping to youtube if you have time.

EDIT: Somehow didn’t see that second to last post lol I guess the distance was mentioned.


Cooldown for monster is not bugged only reload speed is vugged for hunters right now. CDR works fine.

Hopefully they fix reload speed soon tho.


Thank you for the clarification :smile: