How does acidic rounds works with dots?


unlike most people who run double reload on R.abe i actually use the yellow poison rounds. I also use poison round on wasteland maggie. so my questions are:

Do you you use this perk? if so on who?

is it worth using the poison of these 2 characters?

how does poison round interact with character with in built dots? do they add more damage or are they applied on their own terms.

and how do you get daisy to use her damn flamethrower?


It is only worth using on one hunter. The dot does not stack if run on more than one hunter.
If no one else is taking them, it might be worth taking them on Abe.

I sometimes run switch,reload, acid, sometimes switch, reload, reload.


do they stack or have any positive effects with characters with in built dots for example (just an example) parnell with acidic rounds and wasteland maggie with her dots. im just trying to find the best way to use these things because i really like them.


I hear that the character that benefits most from poisoned rounds is buckets since each of the turrets applies their own version of the poison, but I haven’t confirmed if that is true. In general the only rule to taking the perk is that while tier 2 stacks with tier 3, it should never be on more than one hunter since it doesn’t stack that way. I don’t think there are any other ways in which the poison perk has a beneficial interaction on a character beyond the expected results.


They stack in the sense that if you have a DoT on your weapon, the acid DoT will also be added. That doesn’t really make them any more or less powerful on characters that already have DoTs. However, they are really only worth using on hunters that will often be firing at the monster, so they get reapplied often.

I think other perks will give more damage on for instance Parnell. It might be worth running on some trappers - for instance Griff and Maggie will be shooting a whole lot whenever they aren’t using harpoons.


20dps is really nothing worth using,unless your base weapon dps was like 80,but no weapon is so crap (for now).Damage perk offers higher damage %,but it’s still bad


so it is worth using it on waste land maggie thanks i knew it would work


Many high level teams ensure that amongst their group they have these perks somewhere. Typically on the trapper.


From what I can tell poison perks do stack with characters that already had poison built into their kit (R.Val, R.Abe) but multiple hunters with poison perks do not stack.

Something I don’t know is if 1 hunter has silver poison and another has the gold one. I’m assuming they would stack but I’m not sure…


this is all good info guys thanks. anyone know how to make daisy use her flamethrower consistently?


A blood sacrifice to the Sun God, performed whilst the planets align?

I have no idea I’m afraid.


yes silver stacks with gold from a different hunter.


Shes pretty dumb, but the rule is that if she is in range, she will use the flamethrower. She wont move into range to use it. It would probably be easier to bring the monster to her, than daisy to the monster.


The monster is over there, Daisy. #HUMP THE MONSTER, NOT THE TREE, YOU BRAINLESS SHIT!


Im curious about Poison and Acid as well.

Does each shot apply its own effect , thus Torvalds auto shotgun apply one instance for each shot landed or does landing a full clip just apply the effect one time.?

I usually only use them with bucket and usually get both mainly for the turrets. Are they both stacking and does each shot apply the effect or just refresh the effect that can only be going 1x until it runs out for poison and 1x for acid.

Seems if you can only have one instance of 6damage per tick and one of 12 per tick these skills would be rather worthless compared to just outright %damage increases.

Hoping for a dev that knows to give us the low down @snowkissed or @Insane_521 or @GentlemanSquirl


each bullet/pellet can apply it if you don’t have that DoT already on the target if you already have the DoT on your target from acid rounds then it refreshes it.


If that is the case it seems hardly useful compared to just grabbing 8% damage increase or just going with rocket or celerity. I cant think of many classes with such low damage on everything that those are worth using now :confused:


People that have low DPS or spend most of their time not on their main guns but still want to contribute damage are who those perks were designed for.


So if you run Poison perks on Renegabe does the last tick of his own DoT apply the DoT from the perk?


So each DoT is independent, meaning there is one type of that DoT while in use.

So lets say I’m Hyde. My flamethrower has a DoT but I’m crazy so I also run both poison perks. Each of these will be applied on any direct damage I deal to the Monster, giving me 3 types of dots.

Any damage I deal will always reset the timer on each DoT. So if you don’t deal damage for 3 seconds you’ll lose the DoT.

On your point of only having one in the team, yeah that is pretty much true. You really only want one player running each type of poison on a Hunter team. We are looking at options for this in the future since we have ideas but most of them would make other Hunters godlike with poison.

Also Bucket is #1 with poison builds. :slight_smile: