How does a stage one Goliath fit a Crowell Sloth, an Armadon, and a Nomad in its belly?



Back before keeping the more hostile wildlife around to help against hunters, I used to seek out the 4 meats to mitigate carrion birds.

Now that I think about it. Damn, where do you put it Goliath, buddy?

We need a Goliath obese model, STAT.


Think about it, Goli gets bigger with every evolution,
That meat is turned to muscle, in a symphony of a solution!


A highly aggressive digestion system? Potent acids that dissolve flesh and bone in minutes into a nutrient slurry that is then quickly absorbed by the monsters high calorie lifestyle?


I had a friend of mine, a small 5.2 Asian, who could put away 2 whole pizzas back in my day. Maybe the monster has good metabolism?



I like that line.
I’ll make it mine.