How does a company like TRS find an Audio Engineer?

For things like cleaning up sound, fixing music created, etc. Is it an internal hire, or a freelance kind of work? I like to think of myself as a pretty good audio engineer, and had thought about making it a career before.


From your description it sounds more like you’re looking into the Audio Design role. If you’re interested in the Engineer or Programming role its more focused on creating tools and code for the Audio team to use. Audio Programming is a very specific role and its often difficult to find one.

More recently, we have been hiring full time employees for positions we are looking to fill. This isn’t to say that we haven’t hired contract/freelance work in the past. Hopefully this helped answer your questions!


Thank you for your response! I am less of a programmer and more of a producer. I have a lot of experience taking sounds/songs and elevating them to higher production standards via equalization, compression, stereo imaging, etc. I have a huge passion for audio, and love to fix things. Working for TRS would be an amazing experience, but I don’t see myself qualified for what you are currently looking for. Not to mention it would be one hell of a commitment to change locations. However, if you guys are in need of some help with some audio processing/mastering; I would love to help for the fun of it.

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