How do you win nest vs a good Bucket or support in general?


It seems an almost unbeatable tactic for Support to just go off on their own and take out eggs, Bucket being the most efficient with those Sentry Guns.

How do you actually win when people are doing this?

Ideally, kill Support but if they’re smart they’ll cloak and be fine before you reach them and with Bucket you’re gonna have to get those Sentry Guns destroying the nearby egg.

All the while the rest of the team is demolishing other eggs.

I fear the day every team does this, Nest will be nearly impossible as a single minion is no threat to the other 3 Hunters especially if they have Markov.
And this is assuming Lazarus isn’t on the team to also cloak and escape until the others come back.

I feel like it would help a lot if you could control the minions with the buttons used for Hot Swap.
So tell it to go armour up, find a perk, be sneaky or attack.
Alon with that they shouldn’t have a health bar floating around before they’re even in sight making it obvious they are the minion.

Or if you could hatch 2 minions but the timer would count down to the Hunters winning instead. Don’t ask me how that makes sense but the Hunters giving up when there’s only one minion left with 5% of it’s health left doesn’t make sense either, or how they just let the main monster roam free afterwards.

I think that’d be a big enough risk to justify 2 minions, provided you could only have 2 once in the whole match. They’d need to have commands for that to be useful else the first minion would be half dead as you hatch the second.


As someone who mainly plays Hunter, the most effective strategy I’ve seen is to armor up, hatch an egg, and engage at Stage 1 - typically as Goliath.

Maybe go for Stage 2 if you feel you need it, but you may not be able to afford to fully armor up.

The Minion will go for the Medic and disrupt the team, and it is fully possible to ride its momentum to wipe the Hunters - especially if they split.

After that its a game of finishing the Hunters off.


Yeah I’ve had that done but more often than not Support is just fine.

Sometimes they make painfully stupid decisions and get annihilated but whenever I’m Support, we win because I’ll be on the other side of the map and my cloak will recharge before the minion gets to me, meanwhile the Sentry Guns will have destroyed at least one egg.

Then I’m free to dodge to the other side of the map again and by that point the team is coming back as a distraction anyway.

Pretty much the only times I’ve lost while doing this is when I fuck up and get eaten by a plant or a Tyrant before the team comes back but that’s only happened a couple of times.

No matter my team I’ll basically win the match alone the team is just there as human shields.
Fitting I use a heartless robot for this task :grin:

It just really isn’t hard. Wraith can sometimes get you off guard but Goliath is a better choice for revealing Hunters with flame breath of course.


Part of the mode is finding the Support after dealing with the rest of the team, in the case of a split.

This is less nerve wracking when you make your move before most of the eggs are gone.

That said, I am personally horrible at finding the last man standing as Monster.


as Galgus said just armor up minion up and go to pound town. Picking damgae bonus as perk will go along way to help as will putting all 3points in 1 ability, hunters never see it coming and are all like wtf when you take of 3/4of there health like that ok well maybe 1/2 got carriedaway XD


I have found that killing the supp is extremely effective towards beating them and winning.


Simple answer…




Victory Roar


Style points.