How do you win against the hunters? whats the basic strategy you use?


I have yet to win a game with Goliath, I am not great at the game though as I’m unfortunately a noob, I have Goliath up to 67% but aiming for 100%, but fed up getting hammered, If i evolve I need to run but dont really know what direction I should go, How do I keep track of the hunters?

I evolved in the last game and as usual the hunter where right next to me almost, so getting shot before i evolved, what is your technique for getting a general idea of hunter position on a map? Cheers

  1. What system? I only know PC controls, so all I can tell you is Tab toggles the map on and off. However, when the map is on you cant see certain things on your screen, like hp bars above people’s heads. Right click is smell, which highlights any living thing in a certain area around you, including hunters. Its like sonar.

  2. I’d recommend playing in solo a little bit until you get a better feel for abilities, movement, the maps, the different hunters and monsters, etc. AI hunters will often stop to fight wildlife so you can take more time feeding and exploring the maps.


check out my for some goliath replays.


How I play is I barely sneak, I’m constantly moving and smelling. I always turn my camera when I’m eating and during my leaps. Play offensive at stage 2 and focus the medic or support depending on how the fight is going. Always get the assault to use his shield and ignore him until it’s down and then kill him


cool cheers, never thought of the map, I should really turn it on and off when needed, i tend to leave it on, I will try remember to keep it off in battles,

I am using my PC, decent enough laptop so shouldnt be any power issues there. I use the xbox 1 controller, the sniff function works well but doesnt reach far enough which i found out the hard way, lol


Cheers some good tips, Im for ever sneaking trying to avoid confrontation until stage 3, do you take one out and run or stay and finish them if you kill the medic or support?

As a matter of interest what perk do you use with that strategy? sometimes I go with smell or speed as goliath is so slow moving especially when he gets bigger


The game flow is a little rough to jump into, even in quickplay sometimes.

Once you know the basic layout of the maps and how some monster and hunter abilities work you can practice against people with a lot less frustration.

Also dont be afraid to ask people while playing what to do. Communication makes playing hunter 10x less annoying and people will help you with your monster if they are worth a damn.


I pretty much always keep the map up when I’m feeding or running so I don’t corner myself. Keep smelling, litterally whenever it’s available just use it. Even if you think the hunters are on the other side of the map use it as they may be sneaking up on you whilst cloaked (you’ll catch them if cloak wears off so at least you’ll have a heads up).

Another way to improve your monster play is to play as the hunters. You will start to understand the hunters kit a lot more and how you can avoid or counter it.

Apart from that I’d watch some videos of experienced monster players to pick up a few tips.

Hope this help somewhat. :smile:


Always speed, I like to see what I’m up against at stage 2. I prefer to down medic first unless it is a Hank or sunny. If you are up against laz always focus him. If you can’t down him, take out someone else and bait him. Remember fire breath doesn’t cancel revives


I seem to get the same 3-4 maps constantly, Is there actually any way you can do like a free roam of a map so you can learn the ins and out of entire map? that would be a pretty handy learning tool as it would speed things up for me, when im playing im just looking for an obvious route trying certain things but im sure there are ceratin parts of maps people never see even after playing hundreds of game.

It is a good game and there is alot to learn so its nothing like anything ya would have played before, i need to learn about all hunters whereas hunter only need to know 6 monsters, keeps things interesting


everything help man cheers, at the minute Im a complete rookie almost, some maps are awkwardly shaped so its easy to get cornered especially if they use daisy, she will take short cuts if the chance appears so i try lap around hoping she follows and is far enough away from my newer prints.


Cool i will remember to use the perk and run for it, is there an easy way to spot which hunter is which without having to memorize the hunters names?


The colour of the text is a great indicator. Blue for medic, yellow for support, green for trapper and red for assault.

Edit: Unless you mean which specific hunters you are against. In which case the colour won’t help much. :smile:


I got you fam. I’m releasing more tutorial threads to come so be on the look out. Hope you find these to be of use.


gotta go for now its late here so I will read this tomorrow cheers for all the input appreciate it :grin:


There are maps on the internet which show the locations of all the wildlife, including albino spawns. Some of them also show good routes to take for feeding.

I don’t have any links handy, unfortunately.


sweet man no bother, didnt think of such a thing existing but i will look into that myself cheers again appreciate it


If you have trouble learning the maps and avoiding the hunters, pick smell range perk.
You can smell further and can plan better. If you need more input, you’re welcome to drop by or watching old VODs
I usually have a 90+% win rate as monster per stream, so click through everything.

Don’t forget to press tab every now and then to see where you are. The thing with moving fast is knowing where and when to jump


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