How do you think you will be selected as the monster?


How exactly will you become the monster? by killing the monster or just random selection.


By natural selection. :b


Oh thank you


Currently, the monster is assigned round-robin style.


if i want only play as medic how i do?


Good to know im so waiting for a gameplay i wanna see a one full match :smiley:


Select the Medic every time you play! If someone picks the Medic first then that’s bad luck, I’m afraid. :frowning:


Its unfair to get same role everytime :frowning:


Precisely! And you’re not allowed to be the same class on one team either, that would just be weird! Can you imagine four mobile arenas being deployed or at least, a constant barrage of Val’s sniper rifle opening up and highlighting the Monster’s weak points?


Depends… I’d like to play a solid week or more as one class just to get really good at it. Think the leader boards will have best medic, best trapper, etc?


Well you will get to play the role you want you just have to play play play and play some more :smiley:


Well in single player mode, you’ll have all the time you need to play as that one class you want to! :thumbsup:


Single player mode is good for training i think but not for challenge I realy hope that in single player mode ,the IA was hard , sorry for my bad English i am french ^^


That’s fine, I can understand you very well! And I agree, giving the fact that the AI will be perfectly balanced you can expect some training there! I will most likely play single player first before I tackle multiplayer so I can hone my skills beforehand, like I did with Left 4 Dead one and two. I always play single player first just so I can practice!


yes a singeplayer is a perfect way to learn the class after you know how to use it head to the multiplayer guys :D!


That’s is what’s nice about having multiple Xbox and live accounts in one house also… practice :slight_smile: